Fauci: Biden Administration Will Stick With Planned COVID Vaccine Booster Shot

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that the Biden administration will stick with the “COVID vaccine booster” shot, which is recommended to be administered eight months after the first COVID vaccine.

Fauci claimed they will stay “flexible” and adjust accordingly, depending on the data coming from the Advisory Committee

However, recently, Fauci claimed that the government experts will remain “flexible” with their recommendations as they receive more data in relation to it. 

Fauci noted that they have to go through a standard on how the FDA is looking at the data, that is why they are sticking with the eight-month interval. However, they are still flexible and will make changes accordingly, if the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices tells them differently. 

The health official also noted that the country is in a situation where there is still a lot that it can do. He added that at present, there are still around 80 million people who haven’t got vaccinated yet but are eligible to get the vaccine. 

He noted that they have to have these people vaccinated, as the country has a highly effective and safe tool to get the number of unvaccinated people down. According to recent data, the daily cases of COVID-19 average to up 153% over the past month, with a number of hospitalizations exceeding 100,000 for the first time since January. 

Fauci: the number of COVID cases are “quite startling”

Fauci noted that these numbers are “quite startling”, adding that the U.S. is still in an ongoing upsurge of COVID cases. He noted that if we are in a situation where we do not have any recourse or tools, you would see how “frustrating” it could be.

However, what is more frustrating is that the country is in this type of situation where people can do something about it. He added that the United States has highly accessible, safe, and effective COVID-vaccines. Fauci emphasized that they really have to get unvaccinated individuals vaccinated. 

Fauci added that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is “highly transmissible” more so than the original variant; it affects both children and adults, particularly those who haven’t had the vaccine yet. 

The health official likewise noted that they hope to get enough data in the middle of September or October to assess the effectiveness and safety of the COVID vaccine to younger children. 

Meanwhile, according to a recent report, 14 portable morgues will be sent to Florida. This is designed to help the overwhelmed hospitals amid the state’s huge breakout of new coronavirus cases.

Last week, there were 1,700 COVID-19 deaths reported in Central Florida. According to data obtained from Central Florida Division, portable morgues are being sent to help Central Florida because of the new influx of coronavirus patients.