Fauci Censured for Testing HIV Vaccine on Monkeys

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wrote a letter to Dr. Fauci on Thursday, criticizing him for experimenting with AIDS and HIV vaccines on monkeys.

This is not the first time the top virologist came into the limelight for using animals for drug testing. Last month, he was accused of exposing beagles to virus-infected flies.

Dr. Fauci should stop using monkeys for testing

Criticizing the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for using a macaque model for vaccine testing, the letter mentioned despite testing the HIV vaccine on animals for more than 40 years now and subjecting them to deadly pain, the vaccines are not derived.

The macaque method is widely used in vaccine testing. Monkeys become the victim of testing vaccines for humans, as they biologically resemble human beings.

Furthermore, PETA mentioned macaques have the ability to resist HIV and AIDS in their bodies, while humans do not possess. Therefore, it is useless to use animals for vaccination trials.

During World AIDS day on December 1, Fauci issued a long statement, counting the achievements of the administration in tackling the disease and touting the need for vaccines toward the virus.

However, PETA was quick in issuing a response through the letter to denounce NIAID’s efforts of manufacturing the vaccine for AIDS.

Calling NIAID attempts to devise a vaccine an “unqualified failure,” the senior science advisor for PETA, Lisa Jones-Engel, said this practice should be undermined for the safety of animals.

Likewise, PETA cited an incident when NIAID claimed to develop a vaccine for the virus as it created HIV antibodies in monkeys. However, when tested in humans, the vaccines failed to prevent human beings from developing the disease.

Fauci used beagles in the past for medical research

In the past, Arizona Republic researched that due to valley fever in monkeys, the vaccine testing on them is not reliable at all.

The PETA letter also stated the experimentation is draining US taxpayers of billions of dollars while providing monkeys with miserable deaths.

Recommending Dr. Fauci to use modern human day techniques for vaccination testing, PETA noted monkeys don’t develop HIV too often and Fauci has been co-leading these experiments himself. Therefore, these practices should be stopped.

Dr. Fauci came into the limelight in early November as well when reports emerged that his agency funded a project to let contaminated flies attack beagles in a closed environment for medical research purposes.

While a bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote a letter to Fauci back then, advising him to stop these experiments, the episode also got significant opposition from civil society.

Reportedly, Dr. Fauci received nearly 3,600 phone calls in less than 36 hours, as this event disturbed many Americans and animal rights watchdogs.