Fauci Admitted His Own Failure

Biden’s top medical adviser, Dr. Fauci, revealed the country would never be able to know if COVID lockdowns were worthy enough to be implemented.

Still, he has predicted further lockdowns in America.

Dr. Fauci Is Clueless About Lockdowns Worth

During his appearance on BBC’s “Sunday Morning,” Fauci was asked his opinion about the efficacy of COVID lockdowns. Responding to this, he stated it may not ever be possible to find out whether these lockdowns were “worth it” or “too severe.”

However, he noted pandemic-related restrictions did play a critical role in curbing hospitalizations and infections.

Fauci also acknowledged he is aware of the “negative consequences” of restrictions that became pervasive in the wake of the pandemic. School-going children were the most impacted by these restrictions, Fauci added.

Oftentimes, Fauci has backed COVID restrictions, terming them inevitable to curb the virus. He often recommends new lockdowns and other restrictions to the president whenever cases start increasing in the country.

This hypocrisy from the top doctor invoked criticism from conservative ranks. Glenn Jacobs, mayor of the Knox County of Tennessee, responded to Fauci’s comments saying the lockdowns were not effective.

Similarly, the press secretary of Republican Senator Josh Hawley mocked Fauci by quoting his words in alternating caps.

Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University professor, indicated this is the first time Dr. Fauci is accepting the harms of lockdown. These negative consequences were even seen by blind people, Bhattacharya continued.

Lockdowns Negatively Impacted America

For a long time, Fauci has established that lockdowns were beneficial to curb the spread of the virus.

However, many studies have recently concluded COVID lockdowns had no impact on quelling the virus. In fact, these restrictions worsened the situation in many cases, some reports mentioned.

Earlier this year, a John Hopkins University study suggested that COVID lockdowns only reduced the mortality rate by 0.2 percent in the US and Europe during the first wave of the virus.

At the same time, they were powerful enough to invoke horrendous economic and social implications. Many social evils skyrocketed during this time; a score of people lost their livelihoods. 

Thus, the University established lockdowns are “ill-founded” and should not be promoted as a tool to fight the pandemic.

However, Fauci, who often champions science and data, seems unmoved by these recommendations. In the same interview, he revealed Americans should pull up their socks to face further COVID restrictions.

Currently, the omicron subvariant B.A 2 is making headlines; more than half of total American cases have been due to this strain.

So, the doctor stated it is time to observe unfolding patterns to see where this variant leads. Eventually, if the situation deteriorates, Americans should be prepared to face “more rigid types of restrictions,” the doctor added.


Included in these restrictions are indoor mask mandates, which have recently been eliminated in most states across the country.