Far Left Senator Chuck Schumer Accidentally Tells the Truth About Midterms

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is a political insider and powerbroker on the left. He knows his politics; he knows how to wield power over the people and win elections.

The problem is this means Schumer is just a little bit more realistic than many of his colleagues. This led to a recent hot mic moment in which Schumer let Biden know the awful truth about the upcoming midterms.

What Did Schumer Say?

During a heated speech, Schumer talked about the situation with the upcoming midterms. He let loose about some of the problems going on while speaking during a hot mic moment.

Specifically, Schumer became very concerned about the fact Democrats might lose Georgia.

Despite the best efforts to sabotage candidate Herschel Walker with abortion accusations and character assassinations, he’s still got a very good chance of taking the Peach State.

As usual, the left underestimated conservatives, assuming voters will fall for an easy controversy, instead of voting on policy.

Despite whatever personal baggage and wrongdoing Walker may have in his past, he’s been clear he’s pro-life on policy. Georgia conservatives care about that, not about the sick game playing of the left to get more power.

Schumer Spins the Keystone Debate

Schumer said the debate in Pennsylvania between John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz was also a disaster. He’s 100% correct on that. Schumer claimed in hot mic that the debate didn’t do that much damage to Democrats, but he’s wrong.

Fetterman should be in a rehab facility for speech pathology, not Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania or running for Senate.

Schumer seems to at least think Democrats are going to be OK in Nevada, but with the challenges to Governor Steve Sisolak and incumbent Democrat Senator Masto, he shouldn’t be so sure there either.

Battleground States Up To Bat

The most crucial battleground states right now which could go either way are Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and others.

You read that right: even Oregon looks set to elect its first Republican governor in half a century with Christine Drazan.

The economic situation in particular is turning Independents away from Democrats, as well as rising crime rates that have people looking for a party which is stronger on law and order.

In the race for votes, the Democrat clown car is losing momentum and the engine is smoking and about to blow. Republicans, on the other  hand, have respected the race, taking pit stops, fueling their vehicles, and taking the turns with care and boldness.

This race is now the GOP’s to lose. As long as they continue the way they are going, the Democrats are done.

In a matter of weeks, we’ll all see what ends up happening in these races.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.