The Far-Left Faulty Explanation of White Supremacy

Biden’s nominee for the US District Court from the Eastern District of New York claimed GOP policies regarding voter ID laws and immigration are directly related to white supremacy.

In his bid to pursue “diversity” in the judiciary, Biden nominated Natasha Merle, alongside seven other federal judges, to different courts back in January.

Radical Nominee Compares Republicans to White Supremacists

Merle is serving as the deputy director of litigation at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She already taught different courses regarding racial justice and equity in multiple universities.

Even though Republicans denounced racism after the 2017 Charlottesville car-ramming attack, Merle was the one who scolded GOP lawmakers.

She added these lawmakers should do more to counter white supremacy.

Calling Republicans’ efforts to denounce racism “inconsistent,” she claimed Republicans should not promote voter ID laws, Muslim travel bans, or the construction of the Mexico border wall.

According to her, all these things depict deeply rooted white supremacy in the institutional framework of the United States. Controversial voting rights laws impact black and brown voters, the judicial nominee argued.

While speaking on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Merle talked to college students in 2020. During her speech, she told the audience that cases which come to her organization impact racial minorities disproportionately.

She also compared the voter ID laws of today’s America with “dogs and whips” to control minorities.

Merle specifically mentioned red states, including Texas, Florida, and Alabama, claiming these states restricted free voting efforts, which directly impacts people of color.

The liberal nominee is listed on the website of a leftist network of law students, People’s Parity Project.

As per the website, the organization aims to transform the legal system to pursue “people over profits.” 

This same organization backed many progressive candidates to pursue “environmental justice” and “racial justice.”

Not only this, but the “Trump Accountability Team” of the organization is inclined toward harassing law schools that hire Trump administration lawyers.

Merle Grilled on Her Controversial Race Remarks 

Merle’s nomination is currently hanging in the Senate Judiciary Committee. When her nomination was first held on April 27, she was heavily scrutinized by Republican senators on her racial statements.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Merle whether she still believes voter ID laws and the southern border wall count as white supremacy.

Responding to this, Merle acknowledged the voter identification requirement is constitutionally legal, as per the Supreme Court decision.

She also said border security questions are related to the domain of policymaking, adding she would not have an active role in policymaking after her election.

Senator Chuck Grassley also grilled the nominee on her MLK Day speech.

As he asked Merle to clarify her comments, she stated she wants policymakers, as well as the judicial branch, to play their role in denouncing racial intolerance.