Far Left Democrats Deprived of Having Holy Communion

The distance between the Roman Catholic Church and the far-left Democrat Party is getting wider with the far-left stance on abortion.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not be able to receive Holy Communion, due to her far-left abortion view.

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Pelosi Can No Longer Receive Holy Communion

This decision by the church can trigger a domino effect that would put many abortion-rights activists, including Biden, in trouble.

Cordileone informed the Speaker in advance not to present herself at Mass for Holy Communion or priests would deny her communion.

In a letter written to the California Democrat, Cordileone noted Pelosi committed a “grave sin” by supporting abortion against the teachings of the church.

Thus, these sorts of people could not be admitted to Holy Communion, as per the universal church law.

According to the Catechism, it has been a “moral evil” to procure abortion since the first century. The phenomenon against the “moral law” must not be preached, as it is an “abominable crime,” per the Catechism.

Catechism also suggests any “formal cooperation” in this “crime against human life” is a “grave offense.”

However, even after knowing this, leftist Catholic politicians have tried to manipulate religion for their political gains.

Democratic Politicians Favor Abortion Just to Get Votes

These abortion-friendly politicians are not pro-choice by their ideology. In fact, they changed their narrative based on popular demands.

For instance, Joe Biden was once one of the supporters of the Hyde Amendment, which stopped the US from funding abortions abroad.

Though seeing the progressive faction of the Democrat Party, Biden turned against the amendment during his 2020 presidential race.

Since then, he has been describing women’s right to choose as a “fundamental” human right.

Cordileone has given a choice to Pelosi to either repudiate her advocacy for abortion publically or refrain from mentioning her as a Catholic Christian.

For a long time, Pelosi managed to support abortion and call herself Catholic, despite the rising concerns of the church.

During one of her interviews in 2008, Pelosi stated the church failed to define the timeframe for the beginning of life inside the woman’s womb. These remarks drew fierce criticism from many bishops.

In the same interview, Pelosi also stated banning abortion should not impact women’s right to choose.

After the Supreme Court leaked Roe v. Wade documents, Pelosi defended her pro-choice view. She claimed she is “very Catholic” and “practicing,” but still, people like to “throw” her out.

When Pelosi met with Pope Francis last year, the issue of abortion did not come to discussion. However, the Pope said in the past that conducting abortion is equal to hiring a hitman.

The Pope also claimed that anyone who does the abortion “kills” “human life.”

Last year, the topic of denying Holy Communion to President Biden also came to the spotlight; although he managed to escape the controversy.