Far-Left Advocacy Groups Under Investigation for Its Potential Ties to China

Two Republicans joined forces in sending a letter to four prominent far-left climate groups, asking about their potential ties to China. The letter emphasized the previous advice they gave to Biden, asking him to be more lenient with his approach to the Chinese Communist Party.

Climate Advocacy Groups Tried to Pursue Chinese Interests in the USA

In a letter dated July 7, 2021, Earthworks and more than 40 other far-left advocacy groups advised the Biden administration to stop its “antagonistic posture” against China. Instead, they advised the U.S. president to join forces with the Chinese Communist Party to combat the climate crisis.

On the other hand, Rep. Rodgers and Rep. Griffith, both belonging to the House Energy and Commerce committee, censured the progressive groups for their anti-US ambitions. The lawmakers are afraid that Earthworks advocacy efforts are being heavily influenced by “foreign interests.”

The GOP representatives believe these advocacy groups are asking the US government to formulate a soft-heartened foreign policy against Chinese oppression in Hong Kong while ignoring Chinese brutal ambitions against Uyghur Muslims.

Likewise, the lawmakers also evinced these groups want the US to ignore the persisting economic threats which China is posing against the United States. In their letter, the US representatives schooled the progressive groups for ignoring the greenhouse gas emissions of China and putting all the blame on the USA.

Similarly, the GOP lawmakers labeled the letter of progressives as the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda against the USA. The Republican lawmakers are concerned about the possible Chinese funding to Earthworks.

Far-Left Progressive Groups are Mouthpieces of Chinese Ruling Elite

Both Griffith and Rodgers believe progressives’ letter to the Biden administration is a mouthpiece of the CCP which intends to expand Chinese ambitions in the USA. The legislators said they are inquiring about the groups using the jurisdictions entitled to them by their committee.

Republican lawmakers’ letter is seeking detailed answers to some questions so the intentions of the advocacy groups can be gauged. Some of these questions include whether the advocacy groups have ties with the ruling CCP or if someone related to CCP contacted the groups to promote their political agenda.

Similarly, the letter also seeks the answer from these groups about whether or not they ever scolded the CCP for its atrocities against Chinese Muslims. The House representatives asked some other tough questions from Earthworks as well, including their personal views against the Chinese crackdown on Uyghur Muslims.

Republican lawmakers asked if Earthworks believes China is doing wrong, does the group still advise the administration not to hold the Chinese regime accountable?

Although most of the criticism of Republican lawmakers is against Earthworks, the copy of the letter has also been forwarded to three other prominent advocacy groups, including MoveOn, Sunrise Movement, and Union of Concerned Scientists.