Exclusive Forecast of Gas Prices Has Huge News for Consumers

Gas prices have gone berserk in the past few months. Many of us are seeing our bank accounts empty out faster than we ever believed possible, just as the price of filling the tank to get to work and go buy groceries.

The price of groceries is another big issue, of course, with hyperinflation on the horizon and the war in Ukraine interfering deeply in the whole world’s food supply chain.

Now, new inside information is out about what happens next. Will consumers finally see a break at the gas pumps, or is this going to just get worse?

Gas Price Predictions

Let’s be real: the prices we’re already seeing at the pumps are way, way higher than they should be.

In fact our average national price is now at $5 a gallon as of today. That’s much higher than any of us even imagined several years ago under President Trump, much less a year ago.

Trump warned us Biden would leave us to the dogs and crank oil prices into the stratosphere and that’s exactly what’s happened. We can’t say we weren’t warned.

However, we’re all in this boat together now, and stopping driving just isn’t an option for many.

The PPB (Price Per Barrel) is now at $120, which is a much higher price than anyone would like to see who isn’t directly involved in selling oil and profiting from the high prices.

There’s no doubt some of this has to do with Russia invading Ukraine, but blaming this all on Vladimir Putin is far too easy. We saw how Biden took anti-energy positions immediately upon getting in office, including cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline.

Dangerous Waters Ahead

At this point, we are in dangerous waters.

Currently, we can look for gas prices to stabilize slightly in the coming months, but any disruption to US supply is potentially catastrophic. For example, even a rumor of a hurricane or natural disaster around the Gulf Coast could shoot prices to $150 or more PPB.

If that happens, we can expect prices per gallon for gas to go even higher than they currently are, perhaps as much as 30% higher or more.

At the very least, even on our current trajectory, we’re looking at gas prices to surpass $6 per gallon average across the country by the end of August.

Anyone who has a possibility to carpool or work from home should do so at this point.

It’s also imperative that anti-energy Democrats get kicked out of Congress and gubernatorial seats in the upcoming midterms, even though by then, the situation could be even worse.

The Bottom Line

Our energy crisis is very real and getting worse by the day.

Something needs to be done about gas prices immediately if we want to continue the American way of life and protect our working families.