Ex-NatSec Adviser: Evidence That COVID Came From Lab “Far Outweighs” Natural Outbreak

"Discovery of monoclonal antibodies that inhibit new coronavirus(Wuhan virus)" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by 葉 正道 Ben(busy)

On Sunday, former Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger told CBS News “Face The Nation that the amount of evidence that exists for the theory that Coronavirus pandemic originated in a lab accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology “far outweighs” the proof that the pandemic’s origin happened in nature.

Pottinger added that the major things that hindered America’s response to the Coronavirus were China’s refusal to share information and the World Health Organization “parroting misinformation about the virus.”

The former Deputy National Security Adviser also said that the Chinese CDC was removed out of the equation when it comes to responding to the pandemic as the Chinese government turned into its military in order to “try to cover this thing up, to try to contain it until it was too late.”

Pottinger also said that the World Health Organization made all sorts of “untruthful or misinformed claims” about the coronavirus. Including the untruthful claim that it does not spread human to human and that it is not asymptomatic.

Pottinger continued, “When it comes to this investigation into the origins, unfortunately, we’re seeing a panel that’s been sent to China that is deeply conflicted.”

He said that the coronavirus is made up of people who have benefited from public funding to work in the very lab where the virus may have actually originated from, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“You have people who were hand-selected by the Chinese government. They had a veto over who could come in,” Pottinger said. And some of those people were conflicted. And so you have a situation where it’s like you’re turning to the rabbits to investigate what happened to the lettuce that they were guarding.” He added, “And so it’s not a credible exercise that we’ve seen undertaken to get to the roots of where this thing originated.”

The Chinese government had series of problems in the past when it comes to viruses escaping their laboratories. If you will weigh the circumstantial evidence surrounding the case, the record on the side of an explanation affirms that this pandemic resulted in some sort of “human error,” far outweighs what they said that it is a natural outbreak.

Pottinger also noted that the U.S. officials are wanting to figure out more data as to why the Chinese military was allegedly doing in the lab. The U.S. officials said that they have “very strong reason to believe” that the Chinese government is conducting “secret classified animal experiments in that same laboratory going all the way back to at least 2017.”

The former Deputy also said that they have good reason to believe that in the fall of 2019, there was an outbreak of some sort of flu-like illness among researchers who are working in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This flu-like outbreak among the researchers in the lab happened before the first documented cases came to light.

Pottinger also confirmed that they know that China was working on viruses, “doing gain of function research study, technical sorts of experiments with viruses, including a virus that was discovered in the southwestern province of Yunnan that is most similar to the virus that we all now know as COVID.”

The former Deputy National Security Adviser however stated that he is not aware of any evidence that existed, suggesting that the Chinese officials “intentionally” started the Coronavirus pandemic. Although he noted that the kinds of research that were undertaken, both by the civilian researchers of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and also military researchers, were studies about exactly the same kind of virus that is 96% similar to the coronavirus pandemic.

“They were doing gain-of-function research using humanized mice, for example,” he said.

Pottinger continued, “That’s to say mice that have been genetically modified to express human-like features, human lung tissue, for example, and then pushing viruses through humanized mice, which can sometimes lead, sometimes intentionally what you’re trying to do is study the dynamics of a virus to see what’s dangerous about a virus. What, you know, what do we need to know to protect ourselves from a virus? And in doing that kind of research there — it’s highly possible that that led to some kind of an accident that seeded the COVID pandemic that’s now killed more than two million of our fellow human beings.”