Ex-Girlfriend of Deceased Police Officer Brian Sicknick Comes Out of the Woodwork

In the aftermath of January 6, the American people were told that US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick lost his life after being attacked by January 6 protesters.

This was used as a narrative to demonize conservatives as a whole. However, the whole thing fell apart after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handed over video evidence of what really happened on January 6 to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

This footage has since shown Sicknick walking around in the Capitol, seemingly unharmed.

The time stamps on this footage also revealed the now-deceased officer was alive and well, following the period in which the mainstream media claimed he was brutalized by protesters.

In actuality, Sicknick passed away from natural causes the day after January 6, 2021. Though in spite of this, an ex-girlfriend of the deceased officer has now come out of the woodwork with a new lawsuit, per the Gateway Pundit.

The Twist That No One Saw Coming

Sandra Garza is the former girlfriend of Sicknick. She has spoken out against Fox News host Tucker Carlson releasing January 6 footage that proves Sicknick did not, in fact, die from being hit with a fire extinguisher by protesters.

On top of that, Garza is bringing a $30 million lawsuit against George Tanios, one of the January 6 protesters. In her lawsuit, Garza claims that Tanios bears responsibility for the “wrongful death” of Sicknick and should have to pay up accordingly.

Unfortunately for Garza, the medical records do not support her claims about Tanois, notably her allegations about Tanois’ alleged role in Sicknick’s death. Nevertheless, she’s moving fully ahead with the lawsuit, which will only add to the already existing problems that Tanois is facing.

It’s also worth noting that the ex-girlfriend of Sicknick proceeded with her lawsuit right before she would have been barred by the statutes of limitations from doing so.

America First Reacts

News of the wrongful death lawsuit that Garza is pushing hasn’t gone over well with the conservative movement. Critics continue to note that the aforementioned medical records regarding Sicknick’s death do not support his ex-girlfriend’s claims.

Others warned that what’s happening now concerning Tanois is a further set-up to attack conservatives and anyone who has raised objections about the 2020 presidential election.

The weeks and months ahead will determine what happens with Tanois amid the multi-million-dollar lawsuit he’s facing. Garza also appears likely to appear on various media outlets as she’s already done to criticize Tucker Carlson.

In the meantime, many other January 6 protesters are still sitting behind bars, despite not being formally charged with any crimes.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.