Everyone’s Ditching Democrat-Run States Like CA and NY

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A recent study into the population of Democrat-run states like California and New York found rich, young, and educated people are massively moving to Republican-run states like Florida and Texas.

Here, they’re free from the liberal policies plaguing every blue state.

The data, coming from research conducted this year alone, shows the state of New York experienced the most drastic outflow of young professionals than any other state that same year.

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Rich, educated opt out of living in dominantly Democrat states

The term “young, rich professional” refers to anyone under the age of 35 with higher-level education and an income exceeding $100k every year, which is quite the feat to accomplish in this economy.

In the one-year period between 2019 and 2020, over 28.5k high-earning young New Yorkers abandoned the state; whereas only 13k actually moved in, leaving the state at a net outflow of 15.5k rich, educated professionals in their field.

The massive migration out of New York is likely due to the sky-high rent and crime rates spiking through the roof. This is making the state a less-than-desirable place for a millennial to live in.

California isn’t far off either. The Golden State came in at a close second. 28k young professionals moved out in the same period, while only 20k moved in, signaling an 8k net outflow that year. It’s only gone up since then.

Blue states lose 1.3 million jobs

Both Illinois and Washington followed the same pattern, with the majority of those leaving opting for dominantly red states like Texas and Florida, where crime rates have managed to stay at an acceptable rate.

Just like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis reiterated many times, crime is not welcome in his state. It’s exactly why movements like “Defund the Police” will never take off in Republican-run states where citizen safety remains a priority.

In the same 2019-2020 period, Texas saw the biggest influx of young professionals than any other state in the US. 15k young professionals moved into the Lone Star State, while only 11k moved out.

Florida followed a similar pattern, receiving a net total of 3.4k young professionals in 2020, going directly against the Democratic narrative that the state’s entire population consists of “Baby Boomers”.

Brookings Institute conducted a similar study to this in 2022 as well, finding Republican-run states are much more likely to make a quick recovery from all the COVID-19 measures than Democrat-run states.

This is further denoted by the fact that red states in the US created 340k job openings in the past two and a half years, whereas blue states managed to lose a whopping 1.3 million jobs in the same period.

It’s almost as if the terrible policies signed into law by Democrats finally caught up to those who initially supported them; now, they’re running for cover as violent crime spirals out of control.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.