Even the Democrats Don’t Want Assault Weapons Banned Anymore

Democratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis surprised everyone on Sunday.

He chose to decline the offer to endorse Biden’s ban on so-called “assault weapons,” arguing that he’d rather look at furthering the licensing requirements for high-powered weaponry.

While the conservative standpoint on gun issues and calls for weapons bans is definitely nothing new from Polis, he has taken Biden’s side regularly ever since he was signed into office.

This act of insubordination is one of many among Democratic lawmakers across the country.

Colorado governor declines endorsement of Biden’s anti-assault weapon plan

The call for a ban came after the mass shooting in Colorado Springs.

Even though Polis was fully aware of the damage that had been done, he knows the state’s 15-bullet limit is often more than enough to reduce the ability of high-powered guns to do harm.

Polis quickly segued into a different topic though, adding while a lot of it can be attributed to faulty gun policy across the US, mental health is often ignored. Things are made much worse by the left’s divisive rhetoric.

Biden’s call for a ban was a response to a tragic shooting in a Colorado LGBTQ club. A gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing five and wounding dozens, leading the old man to equate “assault weapons” with every semi-automatic gun on the market.

During a press event in Nantucket, MA, Biden held a speech on Thanksgiving Day, claiming the idea of semi-automatic weaponry being for sale in stores is disgusting and he’ll give it his all to impose a ban on these firearms.

“The police don’t have guns and neither will you”

However, what the brainwashed Biden crowd doesn’t know is the “assault weapons” he is referring to aren’t exactly every semi-auto gun out there, but rather a very specific archetype of rifles, such as the AR-15, which fires 30 rounds without having to reload.

Naturally, Colorado doesn’t have this issue, due to the aforementioned mag limit, which requires every legal gun owner not to have more than 15 rounds in a magazine at any time.

A similar law to the one Biden is pushing right now was originally put into place by Bill Clinton in 1994, outlawing 19 different types of semi-auto firearms. Ten years later, when it expired, all of these guns made it back to the market.

Unfortunately, the left-leaning crowd can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept of self-defense, especially now that they’ve taken their “Defund The Police” agenda to the extremes.

Governor Polis clarified he’s fully on board with full-auto weaponry being banned, as well as there being extensive procedures and background checks when attempting to acquire a license for a semi-auto firearm.

However, he’s not willing to support a complete ban on such high-powered guns.

There’s a lot more to it than just the guns themselves, mainly due to the fact that even if more legislation surrounding firearms is put into place, mass shootings like the one from Colorado Springs will continue happening, albeit with illegally purchased guns.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.