Elon Musk’s ‘Genius’ Has Collapsed, Lefty WaPo Insists After Twitter File Revelations

A lengthy report by The Washington Post makes the questionable case that Elon Musk’s “genius reputation” has gone down the drain because of his Twitter takeover.

This claim comes after the tech billionaire’s “Twitter Files” leaks exposed the leftist conspiracy of Biden Democrats, the FBI, Big Tech, social media, and mainstream media to censor conservative Americans.

Musk May Have Kicked the Communist Nest

The nearly 2,500-word article by The Washington Post insists the $44 billion takeover of Twitter brought the Tesla and SpaceX CEO nothing but trouble.

Never mind that probably for the first time in its history, Twitter is seeing more balanced policies allowing conservative Americans and Republicans to make their voices heard, rather than constantly being marginalized, silenced, and vilified by the woke crowd seeking to crush America.

At the beginning of December, Musk began supplying internal Twitter records from the absolutely outrageous censorship the company’s previous management imposed on conservatives.

In particular, Musk’s Twitter Files disclosed that the social media platform severely censored initial revelations based on scandalous materials from Hunter Biden’s lost “laptop from hell” in October 2020.

Needless to say, The Washington Post has been among the mainstream media which savagely ignored the scandal caused by the Hunter Biden laptop leaks and/or claimed the leaked materials were the result of “Russian disinformation.”

Seemingly seeking to punish Musk for his role in exposing this, WaPo alleges that the billionaire is pathetically “obsessed” with Twitter and abandoned his other companies, particularly EV maker Tesla.

Sounds Like a Far-Left Warning to Elon

The report points out that Tesla’s stock prices declined by almost 20% this year, reaching a share price of $123 on Friday and this has been brought about by “concerns about Musk.”

The article notes the results from a Twitter poll that Musk himself ran on whether he should remain the CEO of Twitter. It attracted 17 million votes from platform accounts; although it is unclear how many of those are actual human users, as opposed to bots.

About 58% of the votes cast were in favor of Musk leaving the Twitter CEO post, leading him to react that he would do that as soon as he stumbles upon someone who may be “stupid enough” to agree to take the job.

Despite attempting to use neutral or emotionless language, The Washington Post report does reveal the real reason behind its Musk bashing, namely, his creation of “policies that proved controversial.” 

That is an apparent reference to ending the hegemony and censorship on Twitter and exposing the dirty, disgusting deals the previous management made with the Democrats and the US government.

WaPo happily concludes that Musk’s wealth plummeted from $270 billion last year to under $140 billion this week because he abandoned Tesla by taking on Twitter and starting to dig up the ugly backstage deals of today’s American communists. 

A Loup Ventures managing partner, Gene Munster, is quoted as calling Elon Musk a “pendulum” swinging “between genius and reckless,” who has now gone “way over recklessness.” 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.