Elon Musk Promises to Push For the Criminalization of Gender-Transition Treatments

In a tweet that he published on June 1, 2023, Elon Musk signaled he will actively push for the criminalization of permanent gender-transition measures on children who are below the age of consent.

Elon Musk Takes a Stand Against the Radical Pro-Trans Agenda 

Musk believes this development is a big problem, which prompted him to actively pursue lobbying strategies to criminalize gender transition measures. 

As the owner of Twitter, Musk revealed he uses individuals’ preferred pronouns.

The transgender issue has been a hot topic under Musk’s tutelage on Twitter, with various conservative content creators trying to promote content that counters pro-trans narratives. 


The Daily Wire’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jeremy Boreing posted a tweet thread on June 1, highlighting the company’s ordeal as it planned to disseminate and promote Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary on Twitter.

Conservative Content on Trans Issues is Getting Censored 

Boreing claimed Twitter offered the Daily Wire an opportunity to purchase a package to play the movie on an exclusive event page and promote it to every Twitter user during the first 10 hours. 


According to Boreing, the Daily Wire signed an agreement.

However, after Twitter looked over the documentary, the social media giant scrapped the advertising opportunity, in addition to limiting the movie’s reach. 

Regardless, Boreing called attention to how the company had plans of posting the film on the evening of June 1.

The Daily Wire’s tweet featuring the movie currently has a “Visibility Limited” label. This highlights how the tweet might violate the platform’s rules concerning hateful conduct.

Comments, likes, and retweets currently can’t be used on the posts.

With regards to the Daily Wire post, Musk said Twitter updated the system on June 2 so that Daily Wire followers can see the video in their feed. However, the video won’t be recommended to users who don’t follow the Daily Wire post. 

Musk added that commenting and intentional sharing will be permitted under these new updates. That said, sensitive content won’t be promoted to people unless they request it or a friend sends it to them.