Elite NYC Private Schools Use Summer Reading Lists to Promote Transgender Agenda and Secret Abortions

Students in the best private schools in New York City now enter the classrooms.

This comes after them being given summer reading lists full of titles about transgender kids, cross-dressing, pride parades, hidden abortions, and sexual identity exploration.

Books promoting gender confusion recommended to kindergarteners

The elite schools recommended books to pupils as young as kindergarteners that celebrated transgender and cross-dressing toddlers, according to reading lists examined by National Review.


Students were advised to read this type of propaganda by The Chapin School, which is also in the city’s Upper East Side and charges more than $59,000 in tuition annually.

One example is If I Was Your Girl, a book about a transgender girl who comes out to the community after undergoing surgery and hormone therapy.

When National Review questioned Chapin about why these books were suggested, Chapin did not comment.


Additionally, the American Library Association advised high school students to read Gender Queer, the No. 1 most problematic book in the nation in 2021 because of its “sexually graphic pictures.”

Gender Queer was removed from the public school libraries in a Kentucky district this summer after a mother complained the book was “pornographic.”

At a meeting against the book, Miranda Stowall reportedly said, “Accepting and loving youngsters does not imply giving them pornography.”

She lashed out at the school administration, saying they “disagreed that graphic photographs of oral sex, dildos, strap-ons, and adverts for porn sites are filthy content for minors.”

Saint Ann’s University appears to have seen the book’s broad prohibition favorably, referring to Gender Queer as “an autobiographical graphic novel that depicts the story of the author’s lifetime experience with gender” in its recommendation.

The book, which was among the most widely outlawed this year, delivers a strong viewpoint that is vividly brought to life by lovely images.

Propaganda being pushed on minors in schools

Saint Ann’s headmaster, Vince Tompkins, responded he was “proud” of the school’s librarians for suggesting books “that embrace the variety of human experience and identities.”

He continued with the following statements:

“I am pleased with our librarians for carrying out this role with care and dedication in their day-to-day work with kids and in selecting books that respect the diversity of human experience and identities.”

This will “support kids’ understanding of and skepticism toward the world we share. We are autonomous from the whims of politicians and zealots who want to limit what instructors can say and teach.”

“We are free for those who want to limit what books we choose for our library shelves, families, as well as individuals who teach and work here. They have chosen Saint Ann’s as their independent school of choice. This is our goal, and we’ll keep working toward it,” said Tompkins.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.