Electric Vehicles Are Having a Huge New Problem and Owners Are Panicking

Ever since he set foot in office, Joe Biden has barely stopped talking about green energy and the supposed green economy. A big part of that is electric vehicles (EVs), which Biden trumpets as aiding the solution to global warming.

We’re told fossil fuels are the root of all evil and you need to do everything you can to get behind the wheel of a tin car running on a battery.

Though now many Florida residents who drive EVs are having a very big problem: their cars don’t work anymore.

Water-Soaked EVs Break Down as Batteries Explode

Hurricane Ian hit Florida on Sept. 28 in Cayo Costa in the southwest of the state, building to a Category 5 monster storm and killing 127 people. It also did enormous damage along the way and is now estimated to have done $67 billion in damage.

Part of the damage that’s been done is to people’s homes, streets, and neighborhoods, with debris scattered around, flooding, and smashed windows and vehicles.

Though even many vehicles which are intact have a problem: they got soaked in water and that’s not great for any car or truck.

It’s especially not good for EVs, whose lithium batteries and electric system are at risk of suddenly exploding if it gets flooded and corroded from water.

That’s now exactly what’s happening, with EVs breaking down or bursting on fire and smoking like a chimney all over the state in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Firefighters Respond

Firefighters are doing their best to respond to this new difficulty and danger, as EVs smoke and burn. Even 150 gallons of water isn’t enough to stop the vehicle from smoking and burning in one video from the scene.

This is a disaster. This year, about 6% of new cars bought in the US have been EVs and Biden wants that number to get to 50% by 2030.

His so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” also includes a $7,500 tax bonus for those who buy an EV. This guy wants people to buy EVs!

Maybe that would be more appealing if they weren’t smoking into flames in Florida and if their price wasn’t so high.

Remember Keystone?

Remember the Keystone XL pipeline? It was projected to take 830,000 barrels of Alberta oil from Canada to Texas every day. Biden shut it down on day one in office, axing thousands of American jobs.

He promised green jobs would soon be rolling in by the millions, so not to worry about it. Where are all those green jobs?

Also, even if you get a green job in, say Naples, Florida, how can you drive to your new job if your EV’s battery is exploded from water damage and you can’t get a new one in time for your first day on the job?

Biden’s right about one thing: Americans do want a green economy, but not full of fairytale windmills and exploding tuna can cars. They want an economy full of uninflated, valuable greenbacks. 

Joe Biden and his incompetent regime are delivering the exact opposite.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.