Efforts to Stop Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program Hit New Snags

Weeks ago, Joe Biden came out with a student loan forgiveness program to help people who are drowning in student loan debt. In actuality, the $10,000 to $20,000 that Biden’s new program will “forgive” is just going to be passed along to everyday taxpayers.

Much opposition has risen in the face of student loan debt being redistributed to everyday Americans who never asked for it. Some folks even warn that Biden is overstepping his bounds and illegally abusing his executive powers.

This is why growing lawsuits against the student loan forgiveness program continue to emerge. Though the Supreme Court recently blocked one group suing Biden from appealing a previous legal loss, as Newsmax reports.

A Clear Decision From Justice Barrett

Justice Amy Coney Barrett ruled against an appeal from a Wisconsin organization that’s challenging the president’s student loan forgiveness program.

In its appeal to the Supreme Court, the organization asked for a hold to be put on the program, due to the timeframe in which it could go into effect.

In denying the appeal, Barrett did not provide any reasoning. The same Wisconsin organization that was ultimately rejected by the Supreme Court also suffered legal defeats against Biden’s student loan forgiveness program in lower-level courts.

The Fallout From Barrett’s Decision

There is no doubt the president and his allies feel vindicated by the decision of the Supreme Court. Though ultimately, this just increases the likelihood of more spending and more inflation.

In some states, individuals who have their student loans forgiven by the federal government will be taxed accordingly. This isn’t something the Biden administration has openly talked about, however, for very obvious reasons.

On social media, many Americans who oppose the president’s program criticized Barrett for shutting down the appeal. Others noted that Barrett was ironically appointed by former President Trump.

Time will tell whether or not other legal challenges against the president’s student loan forgiveness program render any success. Right now, the president is using an emergency law to put this program into effect.

In doing so, Biden is also citing COVID as the reason for this emergency law; though in the same breath, the president likewise claims that COVID is over and done with.

Many of the president’s critics believe that he can not have it both ways. With more and more litigation rising to challenge Biden’s program, it remains to be seen if this initiative is as air-tight as the president and his defenders claim it to be.

Are you surprised that Justice Amy Barrett rejected the Wisconsin organization that’s currently challenging Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program? You’re more than welcome to use the comments section below as a sounding board as it pertains to this issue.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.