DURHAM REPORT: Biden and Obama Kept Truth About Trump Collusion Narrative Under Wraps

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett believes the recently released report by Special Counsel John Durham shows leading Democrats knew the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a hoax. 

In Jarrett’s view, the 306-page report demonstrated egregious acts of duplicity and malice committed by high-ranking officials in the United States government that the general populace usually trusted. 

The Durham Report’s Damning Evidence

Jarrett noted that in July 2016, CIA Director John Brennan briefed then-President Obama and Joe Biden about new damning evidence the American intelligence community uncovered. 

The agency was able to acquire information that Hillary Clinton approved a campaign plan to concoct a scandal against Trump by connecting him to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, per page 81 of the Durham report.

The goal here was to accuse Trump of committing unidentified crimes that he never committed. In turn, this would derail Trump’s candidacy.

The Durham report noted the anti-Trump smear also diverted attention away from Clinton’s email scandal, which was hurting her at the polls. 

In addition to Obama and Biden, who knew about Clinton’s devious schemes, other prominent figures also knew about the hoax, but did nothing to stop its dissemination. 

The FBI’s Double Standard

The Clinton campaign pushed the envelope even further by paying a former foreign spy, Christopher Steele, to acquire Russian disinformation about Trump and conjure up a  “dossier” of dubious merit. 

The dossier was leaked to journalists who argued its content was true without even verifying or corroborating the veracity of its content.

News outlets went as far as to publish the fallacious content that was secretly funded by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  

The media was further emboldened by Comey and his fellow FBI partners’ machinations. Officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok launched a relentless investigation of Trump that largely tarnished his presidency.  

Durham’s report called out the FBI’s double standard and the corruption of the justice system it fostered.  Overall, Jarrett believes the Obama administration, in conjunction with the FBI, did everything to conceal the truth about the Russia collusion narrative.

In doing so, they enable the corporate media to carry out a prolonged media attack against Trump that arguably sullied his presidency.