Drag Shows Featured Big by Six Flags in Fresh Transgenderism Abomination

Amusement parks company Six Flags is promoting transgenderism to this nation’s children full-on. It is now hosting drag queen shows at many of its venues throughout the United States in order to celebrate “Gay Pride Month.”

Canada and Mexico Parks Remained Drag Free

With its 27 amusement parks throughout North America and 2019 revenue of $1.4 billion, Six Flags bills itself as the biggest theme park company worldwide.

Apparently, it is now fully subscribed to the promotion of the LGBT and transgenderism ideology, as multiple of its US locations are holding drag queen shows and other Gay Pride events.

At the same time, none of the company’s amusement parks in Mexico and Canada seem to have any such events, The Blaze reports.

The report makes it clear that at least nine of the Six Park venues in the US will host transgenderism activities for the “Pride” month – specifically, two parks in Texas, and one in California, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, Maryland, and Missouri.

Among the other activities, Six Flags will organize at least eight drag queen shows nauseatingly described as suitable for “all ages.”

Those Can’t Be Missed for the World… NOT

An announcement on the website of Six Flags over Texas says the 45-minute “live show” is going to make viewers “laugh and clap.” It will feature Salem Moon, who is said to be a “local drag queen legend.”

The message warns people under 17 should attend after consulting with parents or guardians in the event of any concerns; yet, it states that the content is “family-friendly” and rated PG.

The same amusement park is also going to “delight” its visitors with a presentation telling the history of the Gay Pride month.

Meanwhile, the Six Flags park in Vallejo, California, the Discovery Kingdom, urged attendees not to miss its Gay Pride celebration with its “delicious specialty food” and drinks.

The parks boasts it will have Gay Pride merchandise, “all new entertainment,” and even “foam cannons!” It further touts its “show unlike any other” where there will be drag queens from all across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Six Flags St. Louis isn’t far behind. It brags about its live entertainment show by “Divas of the Grove” – clearly leaving any human soul out there tempted to attend.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.