Dr. Fauci’s Failed Attempt to Breach American Constitution

Dr. Anthony Fauci ran into controversy once again after stating courts ruling against CDC mask mandates is a “disturbing thing.”

According to him, discussing mask mandates is “not a judicial matter.”

Dr. Fauci Thinks He is Above American Law

Conservative Twitter scolded Fauci for his controversial remarks about undermining the judicial authority in the country.

They believe the top virologist thinks he and his institution of the CDC are “above the law.”

These comments of the doctor came on a Thursday show on CBS News.

Fauci lamented over the recent decision of US District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who voided the travel mask mandate.

Robert Costa, the CBS anchor, asked Fauci if he agreed with the court’s interpretation of the public law which declared the mandate illegal.

Responding to this, Fauci noted he “clearly disagrees” with the decision, adding these sorts of measures have to be decided by the “public health organizations.” He further claimed this is a public health matter and has nothing to do with the judiciary.

However, Fauci announced the CDC would have to comply with the court orders because it is a “legal obligation,” even though the mandate was imposed by a “qualified organization” of the country.

Furthermore, the court’s decision will set a disturbing precedent, according to Fauci.

While quoting the tweet, Republican Congressman Dan Bishop stated bureaucrats like Fauci believe they are above the law. 

Similarly, conservative radio host Mark Davis called this sheer stupidity and willful blindness by the doctor. Although the CDC is allowed to give its opinions, Davis asserted the organization is still not allowed to impose its opinion on people by undermining the American law.

He further added this discussion is not about a mask mandate anymore, but about protecting the dignity of the American law.

Fauci Has No Right to Trespass Judicial Authority

Attorney General of West Virginia Patrick Morrisey voiced his opinion along the same lines.

According to him, Fauci needs to “review the Constitution” and act accordingly, as the document is equally applicable to every individual or agency of the country.

Bryan Dean, a conservative podcaster, called it a power game, saying the doctor wants to have absolute control and power.

Many other conservatives pointed to another interview of Dr. Fauci, which he gave to Kasie Hunt on the same day. In that interview Fauci expressed he was “surprised and disappointed” with the decision of the judiciary.

Glenn Greenwald, a right-leaning journalist, claimed Fauci is trying to be either ignorant or deceitful toward the country.

He said while it is the authority of the CDC to make a public health policy, the courts have the power to decide whether the institutions are acting within their legal limits or not.

Likewise, Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, wrote that bureaucracy should not be held accountable by the courts, if Fauci’s claims have to be believed.