Dr. Fauci Badly Exposed By His Own Agency

American health expert Dr. Fauci is in hot water. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH) admitted it funded the coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Previously, Dr. Fauci told Congress the NIH never funded any research in China.

Biden Administration Admitted Funding COVID Study in China

On August 19, the NIH wrote a letter to Republican Congressman James Comer to announce the suspension of funds to EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), which was studying coronavirus in a Chinese lab.

The study was focused on the transmission of bat coronavirus from animals to human beings that could potentially translate into a deadly pandemic.

During the research, the EHA found a deadly bat coronavirus pathogen in 2018-2019, which had the capability to infect human beings. However, the health institute failed to report the discovery to NIH, which was a violation of its agreement with the government.

Now, the NIH has claimed in its letter to Comer that the EHA failed to submit the Wuhan laboratory data, including electronic files of the research conducted in the lab.

According to the letter, the NIH has asked the EHA to report the relevant data twice, but the organization is consistently failing to submit the information.

Under federal law, the letter continued, NIH has the authority to terminate its contract with any non-federal organization which fails to provide requested information.

So, the NIH is now suspending all the grants to EHA, the letter mentioned.

NIH Keeps Making Fools of Americans

This is not the first time NIH has been questioned about its controversial role in funding EHA to study coronavirus in China.

In October last year, the NIH admitted that EcoHealth Alliance is not providing complete information regarding its research.

Even though the EHA failed to provide relevant information to the NIH within the five-day deadline, the NIH did not take any action against the organization, despite repeated calls from Republican lawmakers to investigate COVID lab leak claims.

This latest letter from the NIH also exposed Dr. Fauci, who lied to Congress in May last year. Back then, Fauci repeated multiple times that the NIH never funded any organization for studying coronavirus in the Wuhan lab.

However, Fauci’s own institute has now acknowledged it did fund the COVID study in the Chinese lab.

The hypocrisy of NIH does not end here. Previously, the NIH claimed none of the viruses studied at the Wuhan lab had the capability to turn into the deadly SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID.

Whereas, the NIH itself acknowledged the viruses which were studied in the Chinese lab were 96% similar to the coronavirus.

As Fauci is all set to leave his role as the director of NIH in December, he is likely to face the music when Republican lawmakers launch an oversight probe against him after winning the midterm elections.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.