Doctor’s Disturbing Lies Exposed About Health of Senator John Fetterman

This past November, Pennsylvania had a tough race for the US Senate between Dr. Oz and local politician John Fetterman.

Questions immediately came up about whether Fetterman was fit to run, considering he’d recently suffered a stroke. His speech and memory were clearly impaired; he needed immense assistance to even get through debates.

Since winning the Senate election, Fetterman has struggled, including checking himself into Walter Reed Hospital recently for severe depression.

Now questions are coming up about Fetterman’s doctor, who appears to have lied about his patient’s health in order to get him into the Senate.

Fetterman Aide Speaks Out

When Fetterman was running for Senate, his doctor Clifford Chen examined him and put out a report that he was perfectly fine.

Whereas now Fetterman’s Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson is speaking out, saying the run for Senate “permanently” brain damaged the senator, something also being backed up by reporting in various media outlets, including the New York Times.

Fetterman was put in the hospital just this Wednesday after feeling like he might collapse.  He has been very frustrated and upset by feeling that the stress of the campaign may have permanently damaged him.

People close to him are worried that his depression and anxiety are getting worse and he’s putting too much pressure on himself to perform when he’s just not up to it.

Jentleson’s truth speaking about what Fetterman is going through is a much-needed ray of light in what has been a quite disturbing saga. If Chen wrote anything in his report about Fetterman that he knew to be untrue, he committed a crime.

Jentleson Drops the Brutal Truth

Fetterman’s CoS Jentleson is clearly concerned about his boss and tired of the lies that have been spread, including by Chen. As Jentleson noted, when you have a stroke you recover by not doing too much.

Running a campaign for US Senate is the exact opposite of that and is about as busy and intense as you can get.

Jentleson is sad about what has happened to Fetterman. He said Fetterman used to be very alert and adept at responding to the media and dialoguing, but that’s all disappeared since the campaign which took so much out of him.

Although Fetterman’s office hasn’t spoken about his latest hospitalization, it’s clear things are not going well; this guy needs to be in our thoughts and prayers.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your politics, we can all be human beings and sympathize with Fetterman here. The guy is clearly determined and well-intentioned, but he can’t help the fact that he has serious health issues.

For his own good, he should step down and his family should support and encourage him to get any and all help he needs.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.