DISTURBING: 7-Year-Old Dropped and Abandoned by Smugglers

A shocking video went viral on Wednesday, where a smuggler could be seen with a seven-year-old girl clinging to his back as he descended a rope ladder at the US southern border. The border officials taped the whole incident and released the video later on.

7-Year Old Girl Abandoned at the US Mexico Border by a Smuggler

After descending, the smuggler abandoned the girl, in the latest event of child smuggling in the United States from the southern border. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said the girl was brought over the 30-foot border fence wall with a rope ladder.

As per the CBP, the smuggler was seen at the time of the incident; however, the agents did not act immediately to protect the child. Border agents refrained from attacking the smuggler, thinking he may drop the child out of fear, resulting in her serious injuries or even death. The girl was taken to a nearby healthcare facility for treatment.

Gregory Bovino, the chief patrol agent, said no human beings, including children of any race or age, should be exposed to this danger in a pursuit to enter the US illegally.

Currently, Title 42 is enforced at the US borders, which triggers the deportation of many immigrants; however, children are exempt from Title 42 restrictions. Instead of expelling them, the relevant authorities take them to immediate healthcare facilities before handing them to a sponsor.

Children dropped at the US-Mexico border is not an unusual activity and is being pursued by smugglers religiously. After leaving the children in the US, smugglers go back to Mexico to trap more children.

In September, border agents collected abandoned children at the Rio Grande River. Likewise, in June, another video went viral in which a five-year-old girl was wandering the US border after being abandoned.

As per the CBP statistics, nearly 10,000 under-age-18 children crossed illegally into the US from Mexico in February 2021 alone.

Smugglers Taking Advantage of Biden’s Soft Policies

The smugglers are well aware of the border policies of the Biden administration; they are acting assertively to take advantage of the policy failure. Daniel, a Guatemalan smuggler, said this is the right time to take advantage, as children can go into the US quickly.

Likewise, he emphasized for every other smuggler to take benefits from Biden’s policies. Similarly, another child smuggler, Vazquez, noted the youngest child he ever smuggled was a two-year-old toddler.

Not only this, but he admitted to smuggling a whole group of 17 children from Mexico to the US border in Texas. The unprecedented surge came when President Biden overturned Trump’s immigration policies and decided against expelling the unaccompanied minors.

Drug trafficking has increased unprecedentedly in the United States, due to the prevailing open border crisis. Similarly, human trafficking is also at an all-time high, along with sex trafficking.

The smugglers use these children for various purposes, including bringing their drugs into the United States and selling these children to human trafficking groups. Drug cartels are the genesis of these child smuggling crises from Mexico to the US.