Disney CEO’s Pressure on DeSantis “Woke” Fight Revealed

The intersection between politics and business has always been a delicate one, with companies often forced to take a stand on issues that may not align with their core values or mission.

This was the case for the Walt Disney Company, which found itself embroiled in a scandal over a controversial education bill in Florida that had been wrongly dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay bill” by activists.

Former Disney CEO sought Florida governor’s advice

The bill, known as Parental Rights in Education, limits schools from teaching gender and sexuality to children from kindergarten to third grade.

While proponents argue it’s necessary to protect parental rights and prevent the indoctrination of young children, critics argue it stigmatizes LGBTQ+ individuals and reinforces harmful stereotypes.

The controversy caught the attention of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who reportedly reached out to Governor Ron DeSantis to express his frustration with the mounting pressure he was facing.

In an exclusive chapter shared with Fox News Digital from his upcoming memoir, “The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for American Revival,” Governor DeSantis recounts a conversation he had with Chapek during the heated dispute between Disney and Florida’s legislature over the education bill.

According to DeSantis, Chapek admitted the pressure he was facing was different this time, stating he had not seen anything like this before.

While Chapek did not want Disney to become involved in the controversy, he eventually felt compelled to take a stand, due to internal pressure and Democratic pressure across the country.

During a shareholder meeting, Chapek expressed his disappointment and concern about the potential impact of the bill on gay, lesbian, non-binary, transgender kids and families. He also reportedly contacted DeSantis on March 9 to request he not sign the bill into law.

Disney’s involvement in politics could open the company to scrutiny

However, Governor DeSantis cautioned Chapek that Disney’s involvement in political matters could open the company up to scrutiny about its operations in other countries, such as China.

He warned the company would face 48 hours of outrage when the bill passed and another 48 hours when he signed it, mostly online.

DeSantis also noted the “woke mob” would eventually shift their focus to a new issue and forget about this particular controversy.

Some companies have taken a proactive approach, openly advocating for issues that align with their values.

For example, Nike’s “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” campaign, featuring NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, took a stance on police brutality and racial inequality, sparking both support and controversy.

However, for other companies, the decision to take a stand can be more complicated, especially when it involves navigating a politically charged issue that may not align with their core business.

The controversy surrounding the education bill in Florida highlights the complexities of navigating politics as a company. While Disney ultimately chose to take a stand on the issue, it’s unclear what impact this will have on its business or reputation.