Did Biden Just Promise to Kill Opposite Narratives?

The Biden administration is trying to curb narratives that are against their beliefs and policies, regarding various national security issues. According to them, questioning their ambitions is equivalent to promoting the enemy’s point of view.

Psaki believes everyone else (except her) is America’s enemy

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, and Ned Price, the State Department spokesperson, managed to squash narratives that are against their own opinions.

While the White House has consistently claimed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is imminent, due to the Russian troops stationed on the border, many journalists and Republican lawmakers believe otherwise. 

The Biden administration doesn’t like this at all.

On Thursday, Associated Press reporter Matt Lee pressed Price. He asked about the rationale of the White House conveying Russia would release a propaganda video regarding Ukraine to justify its invasion.

Price replied in a frustrated tone and said if he wanted to find solace in Russian propaganda, it is his choice.

Jen Psaki adopted a similar tone on Wednesday. She claimed Republican Senator Josh Hawley is consuming “Russian disinformation” and focusing on “parroting” the talking points of the enemy.

She was referring to Hawley advising Biden to give up his support for Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO and focus on the rising Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region.

Thus, Psaki stated that if someone is digesting Russian misinformation and just reiterating Russian talking points, they are disrespecting the bipartisan American values of defending other countries.

Psaki continued, saying people like Hawley have the right to choose their own alliances. The press secretary did not stop here.

When a reporter asked her if the US would release information regarding the military role in the civilian casualties during the recent operation in Syria, Psaki replied in a likewise manner.

She stated questioning the information given by the US military itself depicts the reporter is promoting ISIS talking points.  

As she faced backlash over her comments, the press secretary tried to answer questions softly on Friday, noting the administration supports “good faith scrutiny.” 

Reporters want Biden watched, due to his poor track record

According to the Associated Press, the exchange between representatives and media mouthpieces is due to the deteriorating credibility of the Biden administration and its false claims.

The news outlet reported the Biden administration changed its viewpoints various times in the past, regarding the Kabul suicide attack, which killed 13 American soldiers. Therefore, reporters are trying to scrutinize them even further this time.

As per the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the Biden administration has a track record of making false claims.

This happened during various events, including the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal; so the press has every right to ask questions.