DEVELOPING: Criminal Referrals Are Being Sent Against Trump

After months of intense scrutiny, the January 6th committee has unanimously come to a conclusion: criminal referrals are being sent to the Department of Justice against former President Donald Trump.

Representatives Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, and Adam Schiff will spearhead this move for what critics say is an effort that has been long overdue, yet delivers on its promises.

House Judiciary Committee To Charge Trump With Three Criminal Counts

Red State has confirmed the House Judiciary Committee is officially charging former President Donald Trump with three criminal counts, including insurrection and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The long-awaited announcement will be made during Monday’s final hearing. This is set to end a tumultuous year in American politics with yet another dramatic moment.

Journalists are reveling in the opportunity to divulge juicy details of President Trump’s campaign contributions.

The Today Show provided a platform for this, making it feel like their own Super Bowl event. As rumors swirl around another run at the White House, reporters hope these new revelations will leave an unforgettable mark on Trump’s political future.

The January 6th committee’s efforts may have initially seemed like a symbolic gesture, but there is more to the story. In spite of its members’ political leanings and motivations, it appears these actions are part of a plan.

The Department of Justice has been laying in wait for their chance to indict former President Trump, with all this build-up signaling they will soon take action against him.

In the face of rising pressure to prosecute Donald Trump, legal analysts are pointing out that many of the accusations against him may lack substance.

Indicting Trump and Attempt To Damage His Credibility

According to a recent report, efforts by some in law enforcement circles to broaden criminal charges like “insurrection” and “obstruction” beyond their accepted definitions have been met with strong resistance from critics.

These critics argue that concepts must be interpreted responsibly for justice to prevail.

With President Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign already on the horizon, many suspect that a new special counsel could be working to sabotage Republican chances by indicting him in an attempt to damage his credibility.

According to sources familiar with DC jurisdiction laws, it is fairly easy for any governing body, such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), to secure convictions against those accused, even claiming one can “indict a ham sandwich” if so desired.

In a story that proved to be as predictable as it was appalling, the committee tasked with investigating the events of January 6th has drawn its long-anticipated conclusion.

With an outcome predetermined in their first meeting and evidence quickly diminishing into farce, this saga stands out, even when compared to other democracies struggling with rule of law.

That’s especially considering how complicit news outlets were catering to every flop finding like Gospel truth.