DeSantis Makes New and Powerful Enemies

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a veteran and a courageous conservative. He’s shown his willingness to lead when others just want to follow.

It’s not only the way he stood up for liberty and the Constitution under the illegal COVID lockdowns; it’s also how he’s marched side by side with patriots on every other issue as well.

Recently, speaking at the National Conservative Conference 2022, DeSantis showed just how much he understands the America First movement and what working Americans care about.

He took on a new and powerful enemy and proved he’s not afraid to fight, even if it’s against the supposedly sacred totems of the American right.

DeSantis Blasts Big Business Tyranny

Ever since the 1970s and “fusionism” when libertarian free market idealists banded together with traditional religious conservatives, the American right has been a fusion of faith and freedom.

Though the idea of blindly supporting the so-called free market no matter what is no longer a given on the right.

The election of President Trump showed millions of Americans are interested in putting our country first, not selling out to China because of something Ayn Rand once wrote.

DeSantis gets that. Speaking at NatCon 2022, he said the idea large multinational monopolies and corporations that collaborate with the federal government and share information with them on a regular basis are fully private and can say what they want is incorrect.

When news comes out about things like credit card companies reporting gun sales to the government, DeSantis is proven completely right.

The idea that woke capitalism is fine because it’s “capitalism” is absurd. Woke capitalism and massive monopolies trying to wreck American families and rights are treasonous. DeSantis called it out loud and clear.

DeSantis is Right

The Biden regime and extremist organizations throughout history have often used big business as a third party to force through their will. There is also a disturbing trend of big businesses buying off democracies and corrupting politicians.

At the same time, as we all recognize the horrors and stupidity of socialism, we must recognize the horror and stupidity of corporate monopolies and manipulation, especially when it’s working with leftist regimes to destroy the country.

Want more examples? They’re practically everywhere: Pfizer and the government working closely together to illegally force an unproven vaccine on the population.

Nike virtue signaling about the death of George Floyd and directly encouraging violence in the summer of 2020 to bolster the Democrat messaging (while profiting off Uighur slave labor in China and patriotic Americans buying their products).

The examples go on and on; they need to stop.

The Bottom Line

DeSantis has his finger on the pulse. The rallying cry of “free market” is being drowned out. The new word to pay attention to is reality. 

The reality is just because you make a lot of money and are a huge company, that does not mean you are a friend of the American people or their interests by any means.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.