DeSantis’ Immigrant Transporting Ethical Imperative

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew illegal aliens from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard. Joe Biden’s 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night outlines why. 

CBS News didn’t inquire about border security, despite having 15 minutes to do so. Yet, illegal immigrants are flooding the southern border. The Biden presidency hasn’t released August data.

Deaths and Calls For Aid

As a result of massive unlawful crossings, record numbers are perishing on the southern border – 750 this year, 200 higher than last year, and 500 greater than in 2020.

Biden’s catch-and-release open borders policy caused all these fatalities. CBS News either doesn’t worry about dead immigrants or doesn’t want to shame Biden. 

Republicans aren’t the only ones attempting to persuade Biden to acknowledge his mess.

Yuma’s mayor petitioned the White House in May to cease busing immigrants to his 97,000-person community. Yuma’s officials told the White House that tiny towns don’t have the facilities to house, feed, and school many families.

Biden rejected Yuma’s concerns, and immigrants kept arriving. 

Eagle Pass, Texas’ Democratic mayor also asked the White House for help with immigrants. Mayor Rolando Salinas wants a plan to counter a possible border influx. He and the city haven’t been contacted. He’s been ignored. 

The volume of immigrants caught and released into the U.S. has overburdened border communities.

Biden’s media allies assist him in ignoring the problem his actions have caused. DeSantis’ flight to Martha’s Vineyard was vital. It’s pushed the media to cover a situation they’re ignoring to protect Biden. 

It’s unknown who spoke to the immigrants flying to Martha’s Vineyard. Those who deceive immigrants should face punishment. DeSantis said he provided them a ride to a “sanctuary” state.

If immigrants were assured they could find jobs there, that’s probably accurate. One immigrant told reporters he didn’t anticipate being this way, but he’s comfortable. He wished to be there. 

Half Measures 

Take a gander at what Biden did to Haitians residing under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas a year ago. He released Haitians detained at the southern boundary for months.

This program allowed thousands of Haitians living in Central and South America to enter the U.S. 

Border Patrol couldn’t clear them fast enough, causing a shantytown beneath the bridge. Instead of discharging Haitians into the U.S., Biden started flying them to Haiti, even though many hadn’t come from there.


Martha’s Vineyard residents didn’t let immigrants stay.

Despite having scores of empty homes and a $16 million nonprofit to remove “barriers to equal rights for all,” they turned to the National Guard to help transfer immigrants to a neighboring military base. If only Yuma considered that. 

Sending immigrants to random cities isn’t a border crisis answer. If it were, Biden would have fixed it; under his leadership, DHS has been erecting tent towns to process immigrants quickly. It is not working. It attracts more immigration. 

Biden must cease his catch-and-release policies to fix the border issue. Democratic political antics have long embarrassed Republicans. It’s encouraging to see Republicans like DeSantis take decisive action to expose Democrats’ duplicity and Biden’s policy failure.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.