Dems Run Anti-Biden Campaign Ads For Midterms

Democratic politicians who are fed up with the policies of their own party are running anti-Biden campaign ads to lure voters ahead of their November elections.

Reportedly, Democrats are trying to attract voters who already rejected Biden’s agenda and are expected to vote for Republicans.

Democrats Go Against Their Own Party to Win Elections

A recent political ad of Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman slammed politicians who are increasing inflation and deepening the supply chain crisis throughout the economy.

This is not the first time Democratic politicians are distancing themselves from their top leadership.

In the current election cycle, Fox News found more than a dozen ads of different Democratic candidates who are hammering their own party’s policies to attract voters for their midterm elections.

Michigan Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee argued in one of his campaign ads that he is going against his party’s official policies of increasing gas prices and police defunding.

A Republican political adviser, John Brabender noted he is surprised even Democrats are sure Biden’s approval ratings are not going to improve before the midterm elections.

This is prompting them to campaign against the president.

Biden Pushes Democrats in Dead-End Tunnel

Since the start of this year, Biden’s approval rating has been in a continuous nosedive.

That comes even though Democrats have seen some legislative success in recent months in the form of the PACT Act, CHIPS Act, the bipartisan gun safety bill, and the Inflation Reduction Act.

Brabender claimed Democrats would not campaign on the recently passed IRA as long as the bill is not showing any sign of bringing inflation down.

If they try to tell voters about the IRA, it is likely to backfire when the law is not bringing any improvements to their lives, Brabender added.

Another Democratic congressman, Jared Golden, opposed Biden’s social spending agenda in his campaign ad.

Golden portrayed himself as the only Democrat who opposed Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, claiming he knew it would make inflation worse. However, Golden ended up voting in favor of the IRA.

Furthermore, Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan praised Republicans in her recent campaign ad, claiming she had to work with GOP lawmakers to reduce the useless social spending of President Biden. 

Another Democratic congresswoman, Sharice Davids, argued she went against her own party to stop a pay raise for lawmakers. Davids added she also worked with Republicans to stand up against China and reduce inflation.

However, even some Democratic strategists are not surprised by anti-Biden ads of their own party members.

One such strategist, Ken Walling, stated lawmakers of the ruling party often go against the president in the midterm elections. Presidents are highly expected to have low approval ratings, which can impact the candidacies of congressional lawmakers, as well.

Some political insiders are claiming going against Biden might help Democrats. Biden is not up for election in November; so even if some Democrats speak against him to win their elections, it will benefit the Democrat Party at the end of the day.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.