Dems Creating News Websites in Bulk to Promote Fake News

Democrats are turning partisan websites into liberal local news outlets in their bid to manipulate information ahead of the midterm elections.

Axios reported a group of 51 websites disguised themselves as pro-Democratic news outlets to propagate the liberal narrative before the midterms.

Dems Trying Hard to Influence Midterms

Reportedly, all the websites boost progressive articles and editorials from a radical-left newsgroup, The American Independent (TAI). TAI is a self-proclaimed number-one progressive group that asks for donations to promote far-left journalism in America.

Every website targets swing states, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Virginia.

Furthermore, all the websites follow a similar template, i.e., to write short articles about local sports news, as well as content supporting Democrats and attacking the candidacy of Republican nominees.

In addition to that, the About Us pages of all websites mention they are part of a Florida-based for-profit organization, Local Report Inc, which was established in 2021.

Similarly, the bylines of the websites show six American writers regularly contribute to most of the websites.

Matt Fuehrmeyer, the president of TAI, is a former campaign strategist at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He also remained a senior aide to the former liberal  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

One pro-Democrat opposition research super PAC, American Bridge, is a major donor of TAI.

Liberal Politicians Backing Local Report

According to an executive editor of The American Independent (TAI), Jessica McCreight, disinformation and fake news easily get penetrated whenever local news networks shut down.

So, McCreight continued, TAI is aiming to bring fact-based news, which is critical for the proper functioning of society.

The Local Report also told Axios they are promoting fact-based journalism in order to curb disinformation. However, Axios fact-checked the news network as involved in disinformation and fake news campaigns against conservative politicians.

One of the major sources of traffic for the media group is the endorsements of liberal politicians.

While Local Report does not run ads to promote its content, its articles get thumbs up from Democratic candidates and election strategists. For instance, Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, Stacey Abrams, retweeted the content of the Local Report.

Likewise, the Democratic parties of Michigan and Georgia, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, pro-Democratic political groups, and the liberal Secretary of State in Michigan have also promoted the news of Local Report.

Although TAI claims to be a fact-based entity, independent news outlets have found the stories of the media network are shady sometimes.

NewsGuard, which rates the trustworthiness of news outlets, claimed TAI is unable to adhere to the basic principles of journalism.

Flooding websites with positive content about a party is a well-known tactic used in election campaigns.

Republicans also used the same strategy to pump right-leaning content into its media groups. Metric Media is one such conservative group which owns hundreds of sites that regularly post right-wing content.