Demonstrations Turn Violent in Atlanta, Police Detain 6

The mayor of Atlanta stated police detained at least six individuals after a peaceful rally on Saturday night descended into chaos and violence, with protestors shattering windows and lighting a cop car on fire.

Saturday evening, Atlanta’s mayor, Andre Dickens, declared the city is secure and the earlier disturbances in the downtown area had been addressed.

The Statement and Incident

The mayor stated the City of Atlanta and Atlanta Law Enforcement would continue to defend the right to engage in peaceful protest. Extremism and mob violence will not be tolerated.

Saturday evening, as per FOX 5 Atlanta, rioters in Atlanta detonated explosives and hurled stones at the Atlanta Police Academy.

Saturday’s conflict started peacefully before erupting into rioting, according to FOX 5. Numerous buildings in the downtown area were demolished over the course of several hours.

Protesters were outraged by the murder of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran (26), who was gunned down by police after reportedly refusing orders from authorities and firing a pistol at state troopers. This was near the location of the forthcoming Atlanta Public Safety Training Facility on Wednesday.

According to reports, the activist identified as nonbinary went by the moniker Tortuguita (Spanish for “small turtle”) and utilized they/it pronouns. On Saturday, protesters held placards with the name Tortuguita.

Michael Register of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations told the media late this week that a Georgia State Patrol trooper was shot without provocation.

The Georgia State Patrol officer was shot in the abdomen while sporting a bulletproof vest. The patrol officer is recuperating after surgery in stable condition.

Several law enforcement officials fired back in self-defense before evacuating the trooper to a secure location. In the exchange of gunfire, the man who fired at police officers and wounded the trooper was killed.


On Saturday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp condemned the rioting, stating violence will not be condoned.

Kemp explaines while the state would continue to recognize peaceful protest, violent attacks against persons or property would not be allowed. Those who do such illegal activities will be apprehended and sternly punished.

According to photographs, the activists allegedly set fire to an Atlanta Police Department car, as well as the Atlanta Police Foundation headquarters.

The fire that was started on the police car has subsequently been extinguished.

The Atlanta PD said in a statement on Saturday that officers rushed to Peachtree Street areas where a gang was vandalizing property.

A number of arrests have been made. Normalcy has been restored in the downtown area. He noted the investigation was still active; therefore, they could not share details on the number of arrests or property damage.

Photos from the area depict caution tape draped around many structures, including a Wells Fargo facility with several damaged windows.

In recent days, activists camped out on an 85-acre complex known as “Cop City” to oppose the planned training center.

On Wednesday, after officials attempted to remove the protestors from the property where Teran was shot and died, the demonstrators pledged to continue their activism. Seven individuals were detained and indicted for domestic terrorism.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.