Democrats Spitting Venom Against Each Other Ahead of Elections

Far-left lawmaker AOC supported the congressional race of another progressive candidate, Rana Abdelhamid in New York City.

However, she dropped out of her race, blaming gerrymandering in the state that allegedly denied people of color the right to vote.

Socialist Democrat Dropped Out of Congressional Race

Many progressive lawmakers, and the radical left campaign group Justice Democrats, campaigned religiously for the election of Abdelhamid.

Her win was supposed to transform the political landscape of New York as she could have amplified progressives’ message to much extent.

Abdelhamid was an ardent supporter of the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all, but she decided to step back ahead of the August primary elections.

According to her, the congressional district NY-12 was gerrymandered and did not include the areas of Queens or Brooklyn.

So, she noted minority voters including brown, black, Muslim, and Arab people, were intentionally divided into two other districts, NY-7 and NY-14, thus depriving them of their right to self-determination.

Adbelhamid did not accuse Republicans of this gerrymandering.

Instead, she claimed, moderate Democrat lawmaker Carolyn Maloney campaigned to remove these voters of color from her congressional district to win the seat.

New York Maps Made Democrats Sting Each Other

New York congressional maps are creating a steep divide within Democrats as they have ended up putting many stalwart incumbents against each other in the primary elections.

Thus, all the Democrats who were supposed to win independently are now running against each other.

As per Abdelhamid, Maloney managed to disenfranchise communities of color, which depicts the “ongoing legacy” of gerrymandering specifically directed against already vulnerable communities.

While dropping out, Abdelhamid bragged about her campaign success and signaled toward another left-leaning campaign in the next elections.

The progressive candidate stated she built “powerful” relationships and infrastructures, using her campaign that could help her fight injustices in times to come. 

She continued, saying she had no other choice, as she herself was removed as a voter from the district, following the court’s decision.

So, she posed optimism for her future races, stating the beauty of America lies in the “shared prosperity” of all and she will be ready to clinch electoral victory whenever tides turn in her favor.

Previously, she pledged to take the progressive coalition to another level after winning the elections.

While sugar-coating her campaign, she claimed pervasive discrimination against her community and the lack of investment in various fields encouraged her to run for office.

Democrats tried to engineer the maps of the state and designed them to win at least 22 out of the 26 congressional districts.

This prompted the court to intervene in the map-making process, which was a major setback for Democrats ahead of the elections.

Consequently, the court declared the map void and appointed a special master for the process, who proved to be a nightmare for Democrats.

Now, after her dropout, NY-12 primary elections will be between two Democratic incumbents, Maloney and Jerry Nadler.