Democrats Using Desperate Ploy to Escape Blame

In an interview last Tuesday night, Republican Senator Ted Cruz mocked the new story that Democrats are attempting to make pertaining to the issue of “Defunding the Police.”

Cruz claimed that it is a desperate move to escape blame for the surge of crime rates all over the country.

Cruz mocked Democrats claims, saying it is “absurd” and “ridiculous” 

The Republican Senator from Texas ridiculed the claims of White House staffers saying that it was the Republicans who want to “defund the police” Cruz called it “absurd” and likened it to saying that it is Democrats who want to build the border wall.

During the interview, Cruz also mentioned that it is “remarkable” how the White House gives jobs to these “comedians”; this refers to the top White House staffers who made the ridiculous allegations, stating that it is the Republicans who wanted to push for the “Defund the Police.”

Cruz then stated that for Democrats to claim the Republican Party wants to defund the police is the same as arsonists showing up at the crime scene and blaming the firefighters for the flames. It’s also like Democrats saying that they are the ones who support building the border wall.

The Democrat Party is now twisting the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into a package that includes federal funding for law enforcement officials.

Cedric Richmond, a White House aide, accused Republicans on Sunday of wanting to defund law enforcement, due to their opposition against the $1.9 trillion package.

Yet, the American Rescue Plan made no mention of funding local police; the current president is now urging cities to shell out their $350 billion bailout fund to pay for the local police.

White House staffers claim it is the Republicans who want to defund the police

Meanwhile, Richmond mentioned that last year, it was the GOP that voted against the alleged package that includes funding for the police.

Richmond also claimed that Republicans are good at saying that Democrats want to defund law enforcement. Yet, according to him, it is the GOP that aims to defund the police. He also claimed that it was the Democrats who want to put funds towards crime intervention and more.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, on the other hand, echoed the same untrue allegations as Richmond. She also similarly threw the blame on Republicans as the people who supposedly support defunding the police.

During a press briefing, Psaki maintained that Biden indeed mentioned that the $1.9 COVID relief includes funding for the law enforcement to keep them on the beat. She also said there are a lot of Democrats who supported the bill and it did not get a single vote from Republicans.

Cruz described the claims made by Richmond and Psaki as dishonest and preposterous. The Republican senator also mentioned how their lies are not covered by the liberal mainstream media, even if the media is aware of the absurdity.

The Texas Senator then mentioned some Democrats who want to defund the police and called to cut billions of funds from the police department.

Cruz finally noted that with the surge of crimes all over the country, Democrats now know they are in trouble and that defunding the police is “stupid.”