Democrats in a Dead End with Green New Deal

Democrats’ Green New Deal ambitions are in trouble, as Republicans are trying to launch an investigation into pro-climate change groups to see if they are funded by Russia.

The ruling party is also accused of covering up its pro-climate narrative by blaming Russia for rising fuel prices.

Biden is Defending his Poor Policies by Blaming on Russia

Republican Senator Steve Daines from Montana stated the Biden administration is blaming the Russian oil ban, instead of its own “radical” Green New Deal policy, for rising oil and gas prices.

Speaking to Fox Business, Daines noted Democrats want to ban all sorts of oil from America, as they are banning Russian oil without starting domestic oil production.

Although the Republican senator applauded the measure to ban Russian oil imports, he noted these efforts should be complemented with the increase in domestic oil production if the government is serious about capping oil inflation.

Democrats, in general, and Biden are unmoved by this advice. The White House has even been promoting fake news regarding the status of some unused oil leases given to companies.

Pro-Green Energy Groups to be Probed for Russian Funding

Meanwhile, the Republican Study Committee wrote a letter to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, asking her to initiate an investigation of whether Russia funded pro-green energy groups in America.

This way they can ensure that Russia is not behind Biden’s ambitions to curb US oil and gas drilling.

Jim Banks, a Republican congressman from Indiana, led the letter, referring to a 2015 report, in which Russia could be involved in funding far-left climate groups to create an anti-fossil fuel narrative.

“U.S. Capitol east side” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jiuguang Wang

A similar effort is already in the pipeline by House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans.

As per that effort, Republican lawmakers are seeking the ties between some environmental groups and an allegedly Russian-backed non-government organization, which is supposedly used by Putin to undermine America’s domestic oil and gas production.

Reportedly, three groups, including the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resource Defense Council, have ties with a San Francisco-based NGO organization named the Sea Change Foundation.

Republicans are seeking the funding records of these three groups since 2006 while asking for the guarantee they are unaware that Sea Change could be a possible Russian-funded entity.

However, the climate groups seemed to deny these allegations. Center for American Progress noted this is the “disgusting information campaign” in the wake of the national security crisis.

Other groups denied comments of the Republican lawmakers along the same lines.

Although Biden managed to ban Russian oil by succumbing to rising bipartisan calls, he has no plans to ramp up domestic oil production. Instead, the president is continuously blaming Russia to manipulate oil prices.