Democrats Have Even Failed Gen Z Voters

Republican congressional candidate, Karoline Leavitt, slammed the radical agenda of the Biden administration, which is failing young generations, particularly Gen Z.

Voters who historically aligned themselves with the Democrat Party are now unable to survive due to uncontrolled inflation. Therefore, they now want to vote for Republican candidates in the November midterm elections.

Gen Z Done With Radical Socialist Policies

Leavitt asserted the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the inefficiency of Democratic governors who kept their states shut down for months, which made thousands of people unemployed. 

Since then, Democrats have been ruling the country irresponsibly. Last month, Leavitt noted, inflation rose to its 40-years peak where gas prices increased by 50%, cars by 15%, and food by 10%.

In addition to that, Bidenflation is causing distress among Generation Z, who are unable to afford high rents, with the average rent price touching $5,000 a month in states like New York.

According to Leavitt, Democrats tried to fool Gen Z voters by claiming inflation was inevitable in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, but that is not true.

While Democrats kept on imposing “draconian laws” in their states by imposing mask and vaccine mandates, Republican governors rejected these measures to bring their states out of the crisis, amid the coronavirus pandemic, Leavitt added.

She argued the unemployment rate of Florida nosedived as the private sector is creating thousands of new jobs every month in the state. This is urging other Americans to move to the red states.

Furthermore, Leavitt insisted Generation Z is well aware of the lies of President Biden, who is continuously blaming Russian President Putin for the chronic gas price hike, which is impacting middle-class and low-income people. 

Dems Destroyed the Whole Economy by their Radical Policies

Now, as the Biden administration is unable to control soaring inflation, it is lying to the public by claiming the ongoing price hikes are just “transitory.”

Even after negative economic indicators, the president is continuously denouncing the arrival of recession just to lure Gen Z voters for the upcoming midterm elections.

However, Leavitt emphasized that young people are fed up with these tactics as they are suffering from the staggering food and gas prices.

One recent survey has established that 67% of Gen Z and millennial voters believe inflation is the top issue of the country right now.

Half of the young generation is living from one paycheck to another; almost one-third of them are finding a second job to make ends meet.

At a time when the young generation should be busy raising a family and purchasing their own house, they are struggling to pay their bills. This is making the American dream unattainable for the new generations. 

In these trying times, only a Republican majority in Congress can save the country by introducing tax reforms and a robust economic agenda, Leavitt concluded.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.