Democrats Get Houston Cop Killed

The summer of 2020 was a nightmare for America. The death of George Floyd led to arson, looting, and violence across the country; liberals incited violence against police, falsely claiming they were systemically racist and violent.

The defunding of police departments had a horrific effect on the safety of many American cities from coast to coast, especially in progressive urban areas and minority neighborhoods.

As this defunding has been taking place, the Democrats and the left have also been doing something even stupider: reducing bail for violent criminals who are likely to re-offend.

This is getting people raped, killed, robbed, and brutalized, including the police.

Let’s take a look at one tragic death in Houston, Texas for an idea of just how dangerous these low, zero bail policies are for Americans and for police.

Low Bail Savage Kills Cop

Sergeant Sean Rios of the Houston Police Department was a great guy and an excellent cop by all accounts. Now, he’s no longer alive.

Rios was murdered by a man named Robert Soliz, who allegedly gunned Rios down on the highway yesterday. This tragedy is disturbing enough as it is, but what makes it so much worse is Soliz should have been in jail.

The horrible truth is thanks to Democrat-pushed low bail laws, this savage was out on $100 bail. Yes, literally $100.

According to the left, charging high bail to poor criminals is racist and discriminatory against the poor. So in order to further prison reform, we need to let animals back out on the streets for low amounts of money, or sometimes even no money at all while they await trial.

Soliz had been arrested in February for an illegal weapon and cannabis in his vehicle. Like many violent drug users who kill cops, he was clearly an unstable and dangerous individual.

But with just $100 he was able to drive the streets once again and take the life of a beloved father and community member.

Bail reform got Rios killed. Leftist DAs got Rios killed. Soliz should have been behind bars suffering and sitting in his own crap where he belonged.

Houston Police Respond

For their part, the Houston Police are not pulling any punches. Union president Joe Gamaldi made his beliefs clear Rios would still be alive if leftist DAs and bail reform weren’t being forced on Harris County where Houston is located.

He’s right. Police already have more than enough to deal with without dangerous psychopaths on the loose without having to worry about psychotic potheads with guns cruising the streets.

Harris County was sued by leftist civil action organizations that said it was unfairly keeping people in jail by not adjusting their bail to their ability to pay.

Basically, they were saying rich criminals shouldn’t get to have due process rights while poor criminals don’t. They have a point: maybe bail should be much more severely restricted for everyone who commits an offense!

The Bottom Line

Leftist Democratic policies robbed a kid of their dad and Houston of a great police officer. Never forget that.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.