Democrats Drop the Ball on Bipartisan Police Reform Bill

The true extent of the Democrat Party’s pettiness and tyranny has been exposed over the past 18 months. Democrats have continually shown that they want their way or no way at all. This is why the left worked with Biden earlier this year to force through a spending bill with zero GOP votes.

That spending bill has led to the present economic crisis which Americans face today. Instead of learning a lesson, though, Democrats have continued ahead, dismissing any opportunities to work in a bipartisan fashion with GOP lawmakers.

For months, Democrats in Congress were in talks with Republican lawmakers regarding a bipartisan police reform bill. However, just yesterday, GOP Sen. Tim Scott revealed that Democrats dropped the ball on this, per Townhall.

Democrats Squander Police Reform Legislation

On Wednesday, Sen. Scott announced that because of Democrats refusing to let go of their agenda to defund police, the work to enact bipartisan police reform failed. In a statement, the GOP lawmaker also drew attention to the danger of defunding law enforcement.

Scott explained that in order for change to occur, resources are imperative. However, if police are defunded, resources will lessen and crime will increase. For months, crime has surged in communities that defunded police; yet, Democrats still couldn’t let go of their work to further weaken law enforcement.

This end to bipartisan police reform talks comes after months of work between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. For a while, it appeared as though the two sides could come together and find middle ground on this issue; however, Democrats couldn’t stand anything that didn’t entail not slashing police funding.

The fact that Democrats still remain committed to defunding police (even after all the documented harm such an approach has inflicted upon communities thus far) shows why they shouldn’t be leading the nation.

More Feckless Leadership from Democrats

Democrats’ refusal to come together with Republicans on a police reform bill speaks volumes. Unfortunately, this is far from the extent of the Democrats’ feckless leadership.

In real-time, the Democrats in Washington D.C. are also working on passing a spending bill that would worsen America’s economic plights. The spending bill would also raise the debt ceiling; in order to make this happen, Democrats are trying to bully Republicans into voting for it.

Thankfully, the GOP is saying no. What Democrats want to do will only result in higher taxes and more problems for everyday Americans. Meanwhile, reports maintain that Democrats are also having in-party disputes over spending bills they hope to pass.

What do you think about Democrats still pushing to defund the police in spite of how much harm this has caused America? Let us get your thoughts about this latest news in the comments section below.