Democrats’ Congressional Maps Backfired

Democrats tried to engineer the maps of congressional elections in New York.

However, a court dismissed the maps; the new maps gave a significant boost to the Republican Party’s chances of winning the major districts in the blue state.

Democrats’ Gerrymandered Maps Backfired

The plan of the Democrat Party, which sought gerrymandered maps in congressional elections in New York, was scrapped by the courts.

Resultantly, the new maps were drawn under the watch of a court-appointed special master.

These new maps, which are transparent, give hope to the Republican Party in the upcoming elections.

With the gerrymandered maps, Democrats wanted to bag three extra House seats. However, this thing backfired on the party.

In the existing setup, Democrats control 19 out of the total 26 districts of the states. However, they wanted to clinch at least 22 under the new maps.

This comes in a state which is traditionally controlled by Democrats.

It comes at a time when they are already struggling to maintain their thin congressional majorities; this reversal can give them a mighty blow in the high-stacked elections.

Jonathan R. Cervas, the special master, appointed by the court, thus reversed the maps that were supposed to unseat incumbent Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis.

Similarly, Democrats also aimed to secure their two tightly contested seats in Hudson Valley.

The new maps are even more likely to create division within the Democrat Party. Some powerful and veteran Democrats can end up running against each other, due to these maps. 

For insurance, Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney of the Democrat Party can fall into the same district now, which will diminish the hopes of the party. Both of these Democrats have been serving Congress for almost 30 years.

Likewise, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who is the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and potential new leader of House Democrats, would no longer reside in the district from where he ran for office.

Democratic Lawmakers Worried About Their Future

These developments made analysts believe Democrats will be vulnerable to losing their strongholds in the next elections.

A national election analyst of the Cook Political Report, Dave Wasserman, stated this significant loss could push the Democrats out of the House in the November elections.

Furthermore, Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Mondaine Jones of the Democrat Party will fall into the same districts, making them run for primaries against each other.

Democratic incumbents are now worried about their future.

Hakeem Jeffries accused the court of discriminating against the communities of color. He suggested these sorts of decisions by the court would make “Jim Crow blush.”

Calling the decision of the court “absolutely brutal,” Neal Kwatra, a Democratic consultant and former chief of staff for the attorney general of New York, indicated this will be the most favorable environment for Republicans since 1994.