Democrats Changing Their Political Affiliation Before Midterms

Lifelong Democratic voters are changing their political affiliations, due to the rise of far-left politicians. While some veteran Democrats are becoming Independent voters, many of them are also planning to vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.

Democrats Losing their Voters En Masse

Justin Roth, a 42-year-old long-time Democrat, became Republican in 2020, citing the rising extremism in the Democrat Party.

Roth suggested that he supported Democrats since he started voting, but now the Democrats have gone too far away from real issues of voters, which prompted him to register as a Republican.

According to Roth, Democrats started a war of cancel-culture and created political divisions in the country, which urged him to change his political affiliation. 

Furthermore, Roth indicated he is most worried about rising inflation, as this is the only thing that impacts his family members.

In May, even Elon Musk insisted he would not vote for Democrats any further, as they are promoting division and hate in the country. Musk observed his promise by voting for a Republican candidate in Texas special elections in June.

Likewise, podcaster Dave Rubin, an erstwhile Democrat who resigned from a far-left show in 2015, is now running his own channel, “The Rubin Report.”

He suggested he left Democrats since the far-left faction is accusing other people of promoting racism, xenophobia, and bigotry in the country.

As progressives are slamming everyone who disagrees with them, Rubin continued, they are now promoting authoritarianism in the United States.

Democratic Strategists Want Far-Left to Course-Correct

In addition to that, a 20-year-old bartender, Holden Culotta, who was a registered Democrat, became an Independent voter after seeing the rise of the far-left.

Culotta insisted the progressive faction of the Democrat Party is uselessly promoting cultural wars, adding the country cannot be moved forward if Democrats only talk about different pronouns, instead of solving the real issues.

Similarly, Michael Lee, another former Democrat who recently registered as a Republican, noted Democrats are completely alienating centrist voters by ignoring their real concerns.

Lee established he is turned off by far-left Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and AOC for their police defunding movement, since crime is already increasing in the country.

While Lee claimed he supports social spending measures, he insisted Democrats only talk about these policies while they do not take any meaningful action for people.

As Democrats are too inadequate in administration, Lee added he wants Republicans to run the country.

Voters leaving the Democrat Party is now a nationwide phenomenon. The Associated Press reported at least one million Democratic voters changed their political affiliation and registered themselves as Republicans in 43 states of the country.

Previous reports already insisted centrist Democrats are worried about the rising far-left politicians in their party. Some Democratic election strategists have also slammed radical politicians for talking about issues that are of no use to voters.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.