Democrats Change Up Their Gameplan Ahead of the Midterm Elections

The Democrats are no strangers when it comes to switching up their focus for political gain. Just like they’ve done it dozens of times before, they’re doing it again now that the midterm elections are almost here.

Even though almost every American is currently concerned about whether they’ll be able to make ends meet next month, considering that inflation rates haven’t gone down, Nancy Pelosi still seems to be dead-set on defending the pro-choice movement.

She claims “women’s freedom” will be a lynchpin in the elections.

“Tell Congressional Republicans: Do Your Job” by Senate Democrats

Democrats hopping back on the abortion bandwagon in hopes of winning this November

Biden made a similar comment during his interview with Peter Doocy from Fox, carefully avoiding a direct answer when asked what his top priority is at the moment, stating both inflation and abortion are important issues.

Despite all the Democrats’ efforts to shove abortion down everyone’s throats, the issue doesn’t even rank in the top three in the majority of the polls; it’s actually much further down the list than you’d expect.

Most Democratic voters believe the left is putting too much focus on January 6th, climate change, and abortion laws.

None of these can be treated as pressing issues at a time when we’re dealing with high inflation, a global energy crisis, and a major geopolitical threat from the war in Ukraine.

Even if the Democrats are somehow convinced this approach will salvage their party from the rut they’ve put themselves in, a poll from WPA Intelligence showed some surprising results that may end up throwing a wrench in their strategy.

Democrats love spreading misinformation

The poll in question surveyed 1,000 Americans on what approach to abortion they think is more extreme, providing them with either allowing the practice up until the 9th month of pregnancy or restricting it only to cases when rape or incest was involved or when a mother’s life is in danger.

Much to the dismay of Democrats who believed the poll would be in their favor, 57% of respondents actually opted for the first choice. This is a stark contrast to the 29% who believed restricting abortions to specific circumstances was more of an “extremist” move.

That’s quite literally almost a two-to-one ratio, signaling Americans are finally able to see through the nonsense Democrats have been peddling for ages and the real extremists were finally put in the limelight.

Another thing discovered by the poll is the lack of information left-leaning voters have. 65% of them believed the US to be one of the few countries in the world to still be restricting abortions, which is categorically untrue.

In fact, America’s abortion laws are far less restrictive than those in other countries of the developed world, including several countries in Europe, all of which still have lower abortion numbers than the US, where almost 12k abortions happen after viability every year.

Democrats really fumbled the bag on this one, making the midterms that much easier for Republicans who were already a shoo-in at the time.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.