Democrats’ Brutal Attempt to Control Conservative Media Channels

A conservative Miami-based radio network, Radio Mambi, will soon be purchased by the political strategists of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

This will be another attempt of liberal politicians to dominate media discourse and influence conservative audiences with the power of money.

Leftist Brutal Attempt of Power Grab

Radio Mambi was the landmark initiative of Cuba’s exiled community, which campaigned against communism and promoted the conservative narrative.

Now, a liberal group connected with a multi-billionaire businessman George Soros is about to purchase the radio network. This worries many conservative media watchdogs, as well as the workforce of the radio station.

The $60 million deal is awaiting approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Jorge Bonilla, the director of a Media center MRC Latino, claimed this move to grab power was orchestrated by the left so it could control the flow of information towards the specific community for political gains.

As most of the audience of the station is conservative, the new management is likely to indoctrinate them with the passage of time, once the deal is finalized.

Bonilla further added Radio Mambi was the mouthpiece of the Cuban-American community, and it helped them make an anti-communism narrative.

So, after the forthcoming purchase, the decades-long efforts of Cuban-Americans will be wasted, Bonilla continued.

Liberals Focusing on a Highly Targeted Community

The radio network is in the Spanish language; the deal depicts the highly targeted approach of the left to influence the minds of Spanish-speaking conservatives. 

Though this is not a stand-alone operation; the left is busy acquiring Spanish-language stations in other parts of the country as well.

In their bid to influence the Spanish conservatives, liberals have either acquired, or are in the process of acquiring, many right-wing spanish radio stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Dallas.

Once the FCC approves the deal, the media network would be controlled by the former employees of Hillary Clinton’s campaign Jess Morales Rocketto and Stephanie Valencia, who worked in Obama’s White House.

According to Bonilla, this approach of liberals can be compared to another similar attempt in which they overthrew the viral conservative radio talk show of Rush Limbaugh in the 1990s.

The possible deal also worries the locals of the Miami area.

Many local politicians of South Florida, as well as Senator Marco Rubio, criticized the deal. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed billionaires are using their money to extend their Marxist agenda in Florida.

Meanwhile, the revolt within Radio Mambi is gaining steam as the billionaire-funded group is pouring in big money to retain the most popular personalities of the radio station. 

Bonilla stated many on-air journalists even boycotted working under the new leadership, stating they cannot accept Soros’ money whatsoever.

However, some former aides of Obama defended the deal, claiming “nothing” will change in Radio Mambi after the forthcoming purchase.