Democrats are Threatening Supreme Court Justices

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, criticized Biden for degrading the Supreme Court’s authority. This came as the president’s commission tried to change the court’s construction altogether through court-packing.

McConnell told Blinken to look at his own boss before denouncing the US judiciary

The GOP leader scolded US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who recently schooled leaders of other countries for undermining the court’s authority. McConnell told Blinken while he was busy preaching democratic practices in Latin America, his own boss was denouncing the judiciary in the US back home.

Biden made a commission to study the expansion of the Supreme Court; the initial reports suggest the said commission is not endorsing court-packing at all. Instead, Biden’s commission is more inclined to impose term limits on Supreme Court justices.

However, Biden himself opposes this idea of term limits, so he is unlikely to impose them anyway. McConnell added the Biden administration is putting the impartiality of the judiciary at stake through its autocratic ambitions.

The GOP senator recalled a 2020 incident when Chuck Schumer, a Democrat senator, threatened two conservative justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. This happened while Schumer was speaking to a pro-abortion crowd in front of the Supreme Court.

Back then, even the Chief Justice labeled Schumer’s comments as “threatening,” which suggests the habit of Democrats to undermine the court’s authority is not new.

Likewise, Mitch McConnell referred to Democrats’ letter to the Supreme Court, which demanded the court should heal itself before sparking public outrage. 

McConnell stated Democrats are afraid of the court’s authority which is overseeing them and also the only way to stop Democrats from perpetrating unconstitutional agendas.

Mitch McConnell supports Clarence Thomas for his pro-life stance

The GOP senator praised Justice Clarence Thomas for standing firm against all injustices. Likewise, he added that Thomas is the bravest judge with no political bias against anyone.

McConnell labeled Thomas a “legal titan” who has also defended the sanctity of unborn lives through his courage. The Roe v. Wade case is currently being challenged in the Supreme Court, and all stakeholders are looking forward to the court’s final decision.

According to the case, abortion in some specific cases is legal, and conservative stakeholders are vowing to overturn the decision in their favor. Justice Thomas is a pro-life judge who already said this case was wrongly decided.

Mitch McConnell praised Thomas for his stance on this case, saying the steadfastness of justice reminds everyone of how to see things in a concise manner.

The Republican lawmaker also criticized so-called polls which are saying the Supreme Court is failing to deliver justice. McConnell said he is an advocate of the rule of law and not the “rule of polls,” as only the former is described in the Constitution.