Democrats Are Bullying Supreme Court Judges

Mitch McConnell, the GOP Senate Minority Leader, wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post. In this opinion piece, McConnell encouraged Democrats to leave the United States Supreme Court as it is.

This was referring to the reports President Biden and his allies are attempting to restructure the high court.

Democrats have a history of bullying judges

The Senate Minority Leader chided Secretary of State Antony Blinken for his comments to the Latin American audience. McConnell said while Blinken criticized global leaders for anti-democratic practices, Biden is busy restructuring SCOTUS.

This portrays the lack of self-awareness of the top-level diplomat. The GOP leader further added Democrats want to “bully judges” and undermine judicial authority in the country.

Mitch McConnell also mentioned Democrat Chuck Schumer (the current Senate Majority Leader) for his demonstrations on the stairs of the Supreme Court building last year. The Democrat senator threatened two judges, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who ruled against a liberal agenda in an abortion case.

Likewise, McConnell also recalled another event led by Democrats, in which the now-chairman of the Judiciary Committee sent a threatening note to the court. The note cited the Supreme Court was not performing well, and people were concerned about it, so they wanted to restructure the court.

McConnell also recalled the efforts of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who tried to pack the court in 1937.

The Senate Minority Leader then added political parties always backed the proposals of not expanding the court. The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg reaffirmed this stance in 2019, saying nine is a perfect number for Supreme Court justices.

Democrats are threatening judges through their actions

Mitch McConnell mentioned in his writing that Justice Stephen G. Breyer opined packing the court will result in a lack of public trust in the institution.

However, Biden’s whole campaign revolved around packing the court; then, after his inauguration, Biden created a commission to look into ways to make this possible.

McConnell noted making the commission itself is radical behavior by the president; it depicts Democrats’ ambitions to destroy the separation of power in the United States.

The Republican senator also criticized Biden’s attempt to term-limit the justices, saying it will result in “institutional vandalism.” Exposing the hypocrisy of the Biden administration, McConnell assessed Democrats would cry foul, had Republicans tried to do any such thing with the court.

While the preliminary finding by the commission discouraged the idea of court expansion, it still endorsed the concept of removing the lifetime serving tenure provision of justices, which the GOP leader also criticized in his comments.

Mcconnell praised the framers of the US Constitution, writing they burned the midnight oil in protecting the dignity of the US Supreme Court (and others); therefore, any attempt to rig the judicial system must be discouraged.