Democratic Senate Candidate Found Mentally Unfit For Job

Media outlets are slamming Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman for his refusal to come to a live debate with the Republican nominee.

Fetterman claimed he is still recovering from a stroke he suffered earlier this year; so, he is unable to take part in the debate.

Though political insiders suggest a candidate who is even unable to debate cannot serve a six-year term in the US Senate.

Democratic Nominee Not Fit for Lawmaking

Last week, Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz invited Fetterman to take part in the first debate ahead of the November midterm elections.

However, Fetterman rejected Mehmet’s offer, accusing Mehmet of making a mockery of the stroke he suffered earlier this year.

According to Fetterman, Mehmet’s campaign wants to make fun of his auditory processing and speech capability, since he is still recovering from the stroke attack he faced in May.

Whereas Pennsylvania local media is raising questions about Fetterman’s capability to serve as the US senator at a time when he cannot even take part in a debate.

The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asked how voters can believe Fetterman will be able to represent them in Congress when he is not even able to come to a public debate.

Furthermore, the news outlet mentioned even though Fetterman is giving interviews and attending campaign events, he still relies on subtitles and closed captioning technology to fully understand any conversation.

Fetterman Trying to Hide his Radical Policies

Even if Fetterman’s campaign insists he is trying to recover fully and attending speech therapy sessions, the editorial board continued stroke recovery is highly unpredictable.

This means Fetterman may not be fully fit even after winning the elections.

In any election campaign, live debates are the best way to connect with voters and make them believe the candidate is fully fit for his job, the editorial board added.

Apart from election campaign formalities, the news outlet stated voters have the right to know whether their potential senator is fit for the job or not.

Last week, when the Republican candidate invited Fetterman for the debate, the Democratic nominee argued the GOP is taking his stroke as a joke.

While denying the debate offer, Fetterman added he would be happy to take part in future discussions if Mehmet’s campaign takes his illness seriously.

However, Mehmet denied the allegations he was trying to make fun of his opponent’s disability.

Mehmet added he tried to facilitate his opponent and provided him with different options to make the debate possible, but Fetterman is still reluctant to come to the debate.

Fetterman is only avoiding the debate to hide his far-left ideology since he is the most radical candidate running for the US Senate this year, Mehmet added.

If he manages to come to a public debate, Mehmet continued, Fetterman is likely to speak his heart out, which will bring his far-left ideas in front of everyone.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.