Democrat Lawmaker “Furious” Over Biden Delaying Private Evacuation Efforts

A notable Democrat senator is infuriated with the Biden administration for delaying private evacuation efforts; this particularly pertains to Americans who are trying to leave Afghanistan, following the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Democrat Sen. Blumenthal criticized the Biden administration’s “delay” and “inaction”

On Monday, Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal issued a press release, castigating the Biden administration for blocking private flights out of Afghanistan. This happened after reports surfaced that the administration was not giving the flights a go signal. 

The senator from Connecticut revealed that he and his team have been running around the clock to ensure the safe passage of two aircraft on the Mazar-e Sharif airport in Afghanistan; this aircraft has Americans, Afghan allies, and their families on board. 

Blumenthal stated that his office and an incredible alliance of advocates joined forces to pursue this humanitarian mission; this comes as they try to rescue fellow Americans, as well as Afghan allies.

The Democrat senator explained that he did not announce his efforts to the public because he was worried the heightened attention would only increase ongoing tension and put the lives of these people in more danger of being targeted.

Blumenthal has sons that worked in the U.S. military and who sit on the Committee of Senate Armed Services. He also expressed his deep frustrations. Blumenthal even noted that he is “furious” at the Biden officials’ “inaction” and “delay” in saving these people who were left behind in Afghanistan after Biden’s botched withdrawal of troops. 

Blumenthal: there will be time to seek accountability for the bureaucratic red tape

Blumenthal added there will be a lot of time to seek responsibility for the unforgivable bureaucratic red tape that left many Americans and Afghan allies stranded in the region. However, for now, the single focus is to get these private flights in the air and land safely in the military base in Doha, where they have been given a signal to land. 

The Democrat senator likewise emphasized that he was expecting the Biden administration to employ absolutely all means within their power to evacuate these people. We are talking about Americans and Afghans who put their lives at risk for the United States. He noted that the U.S. cannot leave these people behind. 

On the other hand, a leaked email revealed the Biden administration has been declining to provide approval to another evacuation effort led by Eric Montalvo, a military law attorney. Montalvo has been organizing privately paid flights to rescue people stranded in Afghanistan. 

However, he echoed the same sentiments as Blumenthal as he revealed that the Biden administration is making it impossible for him to push through with his efforts. 

According to the leaked email, the U.S. State Department declined to give them the approval to land either in the U.S. or in third-world countries. Although they could negotiate with these countries, the State Department will not be giving any formal authorization that would be needed from them before landing. 

The State Department also noted in the email that the flights carrying American citizens will not be allowed to land at the Defense Department Airbases in the Middle East, nor in the United States.