Democratic Lawmakers Earned Thousands of Dollars from Hypocrisy

Democratic lawmakers earned tens of thousands of dollars from rental incomes at the same time they were busy canceling nationwide rents and mortgage payments.

Even progressive lawmakers who champion the far-left socialist narrative raked in a significant amount of money from rents, while advocating for the rental assistance bill at the same time.

Democratic Lawmakers Caught Red-Handed

The financial disclosures of Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib revealed that she collected almost $50,000 in rental income from her property in Detroit, Michigan last year.

Likewise, another squad member, Ayanna Pressley, who is a congresswoman from Massachusetts, amassed almost $117,500 in 2021 from her four properties in Boston.

When both of these lawmakers were busy accumulating money from rental income, they cosponsored legislation of another progressive congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, who sought to suspend rental and mortgage income during the “COVID-19 emergency.”

The legislation also aimed to forgive all unpaid mortgage and rental payments from March 2020 to April 2022.

In addition to that, five more lawmakers who supported Ilhan Omar’s legislation raked in thousands of dollars in rental income, the financial disclosures show.

Democratic lawmaker Carolyn Maloney received $1,167,500 in rental income last year. Reps. James McGovern and Raul Grijalva collected $15,000 each, with Rep. Frederica Wilson getting $2,500 and Bennie Thompson earning $1,000.

All of them were the co-sponsors of Ilhan Omar’s bill to forgive rental and mortgage payments.

Progressives Tricked Far-Left Voters 

In 2020, Pressley tweeted canceling nationwide rental payments is a matter of public health, adding that housing evictions during the pandemic are a sheer act of violence.

Furthermore, in a press release regarding the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act, Pressley pushed the federal government to do everything in its power to forgive rental and mortgage payments.

According to Pressley, housing plays a critical role in determining the health, economic status, and social mobility of any individual.

So, the progressive lawmaker added, Congress should take every step possible to help vulnerable families who are risking eviction due to their failure to pay rent.

We need to move towards America where people do not have a tough time choosing either to put food on their table or protect their roofs, Pressley added.

Rashida Tlaib also passed emotional statements, even though she continued to accumulate riches with her own rental properties.

While announcing the bill, Tlaib noted the federal government would worsen the housing crisis if it fails to forgive rental and mortgage payments during the pandemic.

When the issue of Tlaib’s rental property came into the spotlight last year, her spokeswoman Adrienne Salazar asserted collecting rent from a single-family house is not in contradiction with sponsoring a bill that aims to forgive the rental income and mortgage payments.

Salazar further added Tlaib is a firm advocate of tenants, so she will continue supporting people who are at risk of being evicted.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.