Democrat Lawmakers Not Happy with Biden’s Performance

Biden is receiving some fiery criticism from his long-term allies, due to his failure to address pressing issues. This involves particularly the downfall of the economic agenda and the overwhelming border crisis.

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial nominee stated Biden is becoming “unpopular” in the state

Democrat gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, voiced his frustrations, not only with the president, but as well with the Democrats in Congress for their failure to pass the infrastructure bill. 

According to McAuliffe, the president is becoming increasingly “unpopular” in the state of Virginia. This is backed up by the dropping approval ratings of Biden. 

It can be noted that McAuliffe is one of Biden’s outspoken supporters. He was vocal about Biden’s agenda and campaigned with the president months ago. 

However, McAuliffe is now turning his back against the president, as he criticized the administration for its failure to pass the infrastructure bill, despite support from other lawmakers.

The gubernatorial candidate likewise scolded Democrats in Congress for their failure to solve their differences, noting this is not what they were paid to do. He likewise said the lawmakers have to hurry up and pass the stalled legislation. 

On the other hand, moderate Republicans who previously gave support to the president back in 2020 also talked about how they are “fed up” with the administration. 

Sarah Longwell, a moderate Republican strategist, stated Democrat voters are becoming uneasy about what is going on; they accepted their lives did not get better under the Biden administration. Longwell also criticized Democrat lawmakers for halting the infrastructure and the social spending bill. 

Democrat congresswoman says Biden is not the person that she used to know; the president she knew had far better skillsets

Stephanie Murphy, another Democrat congresswoman in Florida, also voiced out her disapproval of Biden’s management. She alleged the president she remembers had far better abilities than the one in office. 

Jim Costa, a congressman from California, likewise called out the president for his behavior in relation to the infrastructure bill. He said it is “disappointing,” particularly how Biden is pressing to pass the reconciliation package.

On the other hand, there is a popular opinion that the dropping popularity and approval ratings of the president are caused by failure to pass his economic agenda. However, it appears various factors are contributing to the falling likeability of the president.

In fact, this is not the first time Democrats slammed the administration and the ranks within their party. However, criticism from Democrat lawmakers like Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin have become a new norm for the Biden administration.

Even Bernie Sanders is going sideways in passing the Democrat agenda, particularly with his recent stalling of the infrastructure bill by tying it to the reconciliation package.