Democratic Congresswomen Raised Alarm Bells

Democrats believe their party’s infighting can help Republicans in winning the 2022 midterm elections. Currently, moderate Democrats are most vulnerable to losing their reflections.

Democrat congresswomen worried about their future

Reportedly, moderate Democrats have to hold their seats if the party is really hoping to retain the House in the midterm elections. However, repeated polls have suggested moderate Democrats are vulnerable in the forthcoming elections.

Three congresswomen, Elissa Slotkin from Michigan, Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, and Cindy Axne of Iowa, recently told Reuters while Biden performed as expected in his first year, Democrats’ infighting is hindering their progress ahead of the midterm elections.

Spanberger noted whenever voters turn on their televisions, they see Democrat lawmakers fighting each other. This encourages them to associate negativity with the party, which is damaging the reputation of Democrats.

Slotkin, who is also facing a tough reelection this year, voiced her concerns about the current condition of the Democrat Party.

She suggested Washington is broken at the moment, and the only way for Democrats to increase their likelihood of election victory in 2022 is to govern effectively.

Currently, the states of all of these three lawmakers can be easy to clinch for Republicans. While Biden narrowly carried Slotkin’s district by nearly two percentage points, Trump won Axne’s district by less than 0.5 percentage points.

Although Spanberger won her Virginia district by a lead of over six points, a Republican governor won the gubernatorial election in the same state last year, giving Democrats a historic defeat. 

According to Reuters, voter exhaustion and rising inflation are two primary reasons why Democrat voters can turn away from them in the midterm elections.

Voters are now turning away from Biden

Independent analysts have established numerous times that Republicans have an edge in House elections this year, which is also increasing hopes for the GOP. 

Reuters reported voters in Slotkin’s Michigan district are dismayed by Biden and their representatives.

While polls indicated equal support for both parties for the November elections, some who voted for Biden in 2020 are thinking about changing their decisions. 

In Lansing, Michigan, a Biden 2020 voter noted he had high hopes Biden would be able to do something better for the country, but it is not happening at all. 

He noted inflation is rising, while the government is unable to tackle the rising pandemic, hence increasing the worries of the people. Thus, he suggested he could flip his vote towards Republicans in the next elections.

One of the major reasons for Democratic infighting is the stalled social spending bill in the Senate, which has created internal rifts within the party.

Although Sen. Joe Manchin claimed the bill is dead, progressives are unable to believe it, as they are still hoping for a miracle to happen.

Not only this, but the Democrat Party is also finding it hard to make a consistent campaign message; some of them are supporting police defunding, while others are rejecting the concept.