Democrat “Embarrassed” By Oregon’s Policies and Decides To Run as Independent

Betsy Johnson is no Miss Congeniality in this race. The former Democrat who is now an Independent candidate for governor of Oregon seems more likely to utter an expletive than a well-worn political cliché.

She gave the “hell yes” response when asked by voters if she would overturn Oregon’s drug decriminalization law. Regarding education, she said, “Don’t bother about pronouns, please. Let’s concentrate on math.”

Johnson Deals With Issues

With the addition of Johnson, the race for governor is now a three-way contest between Republican Christine Drazan and Democrat Tina Kotek, the former speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives.

Johnson considers herself to be in the middle of two extremes. Before being chosen to serve in the state House in the 2000 election, Johnson operated a helicopter company and participated in international contests.

Five years later, she was elected to the state Senate to take Joan Dukes’ place. She was re-elected four times. However, she resigned from her position in order to participate in the contest for governor as an Independent last year.


At a recent roundtable meeting with inhabitants of Portland’s Lents area, Johnson stated  Oregon cannot prosper if Portland fails and Portland is failing “by every criterion.”

About a dozen individuals were gathered around a conference room table for the event, which was held in a tiny company in southeast Portland. Many of the guests identified as devoted Democrats who have grown weary of liberal ideas.

Oregon Unsafe

Others in attendance voiced complaints about thievery, vandalism, and threats made by drug users or unstable people. Johnson was familiar with everything.

She said to the group, “All I’ve accomplished this morning is speak to angry folks.” “Everyone is furious,”

Even outside of the state’s metropolitan areas, Johnson said she frequently hears from voters about concerns like homelessness, crime, and “open-air drug trafficking.”

What was once a problem in Portland is now an issue everywhere, she told Fox News.

Based on the most recent statistics available for Multnomah County, where Portland is situated, homelessness grew by 30% between 2019 and 2022.

The Oregon Health Authority’s preliminary data, meantime, indicates an increase in opioid overdose-related deaths in 2021 and 2022.

Johnson pledged to fight for the prohibition of unauthorized camping in public areas, increase the number of emergency shelters, and be open about contributions made by mental illness and drug dependence.

Johnson said she would urge the legislature to re-refer the drug decriminalization issue to the people who have now had nearly two years to examine its effects.

“It’s okay if you want to shoot up in your basements at home. However, we have transformed the entire state into a drug bazaar in the open.”

“On Portland’s streets, refrain from doing it. Avoid making threats to others. Avoid becoming a danger to oneself or others. Never utilize a knife. Avoid drug dealing in the presence of our children.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.