Dem. Peter Welch Urges For More Immigration

In a discussion on September 9 between Republican Gerald Malloy and Democratic Rep. Peter Welch, Welch declared, “I certainly am in support of increased legal immigration.”

Welch: Lowest Levels of Immigration

Welch then made a commitment to businesses to replace American consumers, tenants, and workers with more foreigners.

The pro-immigration donors who support his campaign advertising contrast with the pro-American swing voters who will determine his victory in November against Malloy, the GOP challenger.

Concerns about housing, rental costs, and earnings are shared by GOP voters.

Amid President Biden’s large influx of at least three million southern illegal migrants, as well as the legal influx of about two million immigrants and visa workers, these objections are deteriorating.

Malloy zigzagged around to illegal immigration, despite stating to the debate audience, “I’m in support of legal immigration, not illegal immigration.”

According to numerous polls, Americans want businesses to recruit locals before foreigners.

However, Malloy makes no mention of the connection between migration, property, and wages.

In a rare post about immigration law, Malloy stated the influx of illegal immigrants is “absolutely intolerable.” He continued, “We need to protect the southern border,” without criticizing Biden’s border agents’ use of legal loopholes to accept more economic migrants.

Breitbart News offered inquiries to Malloy’s campaign regarding his immigration stances, but they were declined.

Instead of discussing Americans’ finances and the transfer of investment away from small, peripheral states like Vermont, Malloy frequently shifts the conversation to drugs and criminality.

Drugs Crossing Border

On September 27, Malloy said on the David Webb radio show that the White House “leadership is instructing border guards ‘Let folks walk in,’ and the narcotics are coming in.”

“I mention building a wall. I’m aware that some individuals don’t like it, but in my opinion, the wall will start to reduce the amount of fentanyl entering the country primarily through the southern border.”

If ever put into practice, the Democratic candidate’s desire for more immigrants would lessen the motivation for wealthy coastal capitalists to develop work in Vermont or other tiny, outlying states.

For instance, under Biden’s lax immigration regulations, business owners in New York, California, and Florida can quickly hire foreign labor at the nearby bus terminal or airport, without having to set up shop in far-off Vermont.

Former U.S. Army officer Malloy works as a management consultant and claims to be able to help attract new businesses to Vermont.

He is, however, ignoring the migration-related shift of investment from Vermont to other states, in contrast to Katie Britt, the Republican candidate for the Alabama Senate.

“The businesses will conduct the analysis. If traveling to Vermont would cost them 25% more than traveling to South Carolina, they won’t come here,” he added.

There isn’t a meaningful job path for many grads in Vermont, he claimed, because there isn’t much business.

While other GOP candidates are focusing on the wallet, Malloy is adhering to the don’t-mention-the-money GOP establishment advisors’ script.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.